«Chapter One»

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Choromatsu was currently waiting in line to buy tickets for his new favorite idol, InuMinu-Chan. He had been saving up for this, god knows for how long, and she had finally been in town! It was like a dream come true for the green otaku.

He was practically bouncing in excitement as the line moved up, he couldn't wait to claim his ticket. Plus, none of his brothers were around to ruin this special moment for him.

What could go wrong?? That's right, nothing! The world was at his favor as of now. Or at least it was, until..

"All of our InuMinu-Chan concert tickets are sold out!" Choromatsu couldn't believe his ears. He had stood outside, in line, for five hours. And for this?!

"S-sold.. sold out?!" Choromatsu felt his mood immediately drop from one-hundred and down to zero.

He wasn't the only disappointed one in line, though. He could tell by all of the displeased groans coming from everyone in front and behind him.

He sulked, stepping out of line. "It was too good to be true, anyways." Choromatsu made his way over to a nearby bench, sitting down on it. "I could always just buy the merch, but.. InuMimu-Chan! It just wouldn't be the saamee!!"

Choromatsu frowned, looking at all of the happy people who actually managed to buy tickets. "Hmph. Who do they think that they are? So what if they got tickets and I didn't? I DON'T CARE! They don't have to show off. I mean seriously, could they get anymore arrogant?!"

He cursed angrily to himself some more before going into the gift shop and spending whatever little cash he had left on a InuMinu-Chan bobble head toy and left, stashing it into his bag.

His eyes were on the ground the entire time as he walked, and he ran into someone, making them drop the articles that were once clutched in their hands.

"Oh my god, please forgive me, I wasn't watching where I was going and-" He froze immediately as he realized who he had knocked down.

There you were, [Y/N], otherwise known and referred to as your idol name, InuMinu-Chan, on the ground, rubbing your head as all of your stage prep items lay scattered about on the ground.

He became a blubbering mess. "I-I-I-InuMinu-Cha-a-an?!"
He immediately dropped to the ground, picking up all of your supplies and setting them back into your box.

You had cute [F/C] dog ears on your head, a large painted spot around your eye, a cute, long [F/C] ribbon dress, stockings, and heels on. The word 'cute' had never appeared in the Greenmatsu's head this many times before.

You looked up at him, who was a blushing mess, and smiled sweetly, hiding the fact that you had a slight headache now. Hey, he helped you pick everything up, right? You forgive him.

"That's okay! Hehe, I guess that I should be more careful!" You said to the man, causing him to let out a sigh of relief. Talk about bad first-impressions. Especially with his favorite idol.

"N-no! It was entirely my fault, InuMinu-Chan! Don't blame yourself for my mistakes!" He held out a shaky hand for you to take, to which you smiled and took.

His palms were rather sweaty, but you didn't mind. At least he was being nice. He tried his best to hold back a squeal of joy as he held your hand. He soon realized that he had been holding onto it for far too long and tore his hands away from you, feeling extremely embarrassed.

"Oh.., thank you." You spoke to him. "I really appreciate your kind behavior." Oh my god. He just complimented by a famous idol. He was screaming internally. If this was a dream, he hoped that he'd never have to wake up!

"O-of course! Of course I would help you! I am the reason why you fell after all! It would be very unmanly of me to just leave you lying there and just walk away or something like that!!" Choromatsu flustered even more as he spoke.

"Thank you, umm.." You started, unsure of what to call him. "C-Choromatsu!" He spoke a bit too loudly.

"Choromatsu, huh? Well, I guess that I'll see you at my concert, tonight!" You said to him, taking your box from his hands. "Excuse me, but I have to go. It was a.. pleasure meeting you~!"

You then left, not wanting to be late for your opening act. You waved him goodbye. He waved back.

That was it. Choromatsu was going to get into that concert no matter what the cause. It must've been his destiny to do so! Jeez, now he was sounding like Shittymatsu.

Even though Choromatsu tries his best to be a law-abiding citizen who never cheats, he was willing to make an exception for you.

He quickly came up with a plan. Hopefully he wouldn't screw it up. But he probably wouldn't, since he tended to be extremely cautious with things like these.

But for different reasons, of course. He was going to see you perform, even if it was the last thing he'd ever do as a free man.

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