ii. goodnight

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"Do you work tonight?" River questioned Indie as they walked along the walk way to get to the art buildings. They held most of the classes for the art and music students in. The studios specifically built in for them to enjoy and improve their craft during their time at the University of Rhode Island.

"Seven to eleven, as usually, which actually means seven to twelve since I never ever get off at the right time," she nodded in response. "Why do you ask?"

"Just wanted to know," he shrugged. "Might come by later to see my favourite bartender."

"Your favourite, huh?" She smiled. "I'll give you a drink on the house," she poked his side. "If you do come, of course. I'll see you there?"

"I may be up to that," he agreed to come and visit Indie at her job that she had held for over two years now. It wasn't something she was sure she would enjoy but turned out to be good on tips and money to help her pay for school and her student loans. She knew her path wasn't one that would get her a lot of money but it was something she loved and she wasn't going to let that change anything.

"Okay, so tonight," she leaned on her toes and kissed River's cheek. "I've got to go."

"Don't fall over," he yelled after her, knowing Indie had a habit of getting caught up by her own two feet and landing not to pleasantly on her face. She turned for a split second, shooting him daggers before continuing on her path to class. She stopped at her locker first which she had been reluctant to purchase for the school year since she had a dorm, but both her and Tina were running out of room to store their school stuff and found it to be of better use to store their books in lockers.

Just as she was coming up to her studio classroom door, her phone began vibrating in the back pocket of her jean shorts. She reached into it to grab it and pulled her thumb across the screen before holding it up to her ear.

"Hello?" She answered as she opened the door to the class and headed towards her drawing desk. It wasn't assigned but after the first few classes they fell into their own spots.

"Hey!" Tina's voice ringed through the speaker. "What time do you start work today?"

"Seven. Why do you ask?" Indie explained but then realization struck. "Wait, aren't you supposed to be in class?"

"I had to step out," she told her. "I'll explain but please come straight home when your class finishes. I need to tell someone and if I don't I'll probably explode."

"Is everything okay?" Indie asked, slightly worried by the way her roommate talked to her.

"Yeah, it's fine," she assured. "Just important. I'll see you at home?"

"Absolutely," Indie agreed, ending the phone call. She set it down on her desk before pulling out her sketch book. She got up and headed to the chest tables, kneeling down to open her slot and yanked out her sixteen by twenty-four portfolio. She leaned it up against the white metal and unzipped the top, reaching into get her completed project from inside before setting it on top of the chest and putting the vinyl case back in its slot. Indie clicked the luggage lock on it shut before heading for the wall and pinning her project up with the rest of her class.

The class went by quickly like most days. The critique took the longest, or at least felt like it did because the rest of the class Indie zoned out on the new week's project. She plugged into her playlist and entered the small world that citizens consisted of her, her pencil and the paper. It didn't take much for Indie to get lost in her work and her friends found it to be the strangest thing about her, how she can just completely exit the world and go to somewhere better where she got to be the creator.

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