The tickets

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Aaron's P.O.V
I was with y/n and we were going to bed soon because y/n was getting up early to be in a sandcastle contest with Aphmau. All I've been thinking about is how y/n called me Gene. "Y/n." "Yes Aaron?" "Do I treat you like Gene?" I started to tear up when I asked this. "....I'm sorry for what I said....." "I understand, I shouldn't have tried to keep you for myself." "What? I thought I was being kept in the house because of Gene kidnapping me!" "Well that was mostly why, it was also because I wanted to keep you here for me." "Why?" "Well I don't like it when your around other men...." "O M G are you JEALOUS?!" "What?! No!" "Oh my gosh yes you are!" Y/n ran over and hugged me. "You cute little muffin!" "Ok yeah I was jealous." "Now I have to give you all the smoochies!" "Wha-"
Y/n then gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Hey uhh you missed." "Oh I guess I did." She then kissed me on the lips. We kissed for a good minute and laid in bed. Y/n was giving me a look that made me feel like tickling her. "Hey
Y/n...." "Hm?" "Hyaaaaa!!!" I tickled her and she laughed like a cute uh y/n. She then tackled me and she was pinning me down. "Now it's my turn!" She then tried to tickle me, but I flipped us over and pinned her down. "Not today cutie!" Suddenly Lucinda walked in. "Ooooooh scandalous Aaron!" "ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!" Me and y/n both yelled this and Lucinda left. Y/n and I then laid back down and y/n cuddled with me. Her grip was as tight as ever. "My Aaron! Mine!" "Ok then my y/n!" Soon we went to sleep. I woke up to see y/n was already gone. A few days after that contest Dante and I knew what was about to happen. We decided to tell y/n about the tickets...
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"Wait so you kissed Dante?!" "Don't remind me!" Dante cried. Y/n exploded laughing. "I'm telling Kawaii~chan!" "NO!" We both yelled. I grabbed y/n when she tried to run. "No Aaron! I must tell her!" Y/n quickly tried to escape so I turned her to face me and I kissed her nose. "That means you can't tell her, it was a magic spell." "Noooo!" Y/n giggled and she finally agreed to not tell Kawaii~chan. "HELLO VACATIONERS! TIME FOR THE FINAL CONTEST! DANTE YOUR WITH KATELYN'S DAD! AARON WELL I GUESS YOU CAN BE WITH Y/N! FINALLY TIANE YOUR WITH APHMAU'S MOM! READY! GO!" "Um we can do this Aaron." "Yeah." "So we're looking for a tree with a purple heart." "Do you know where that is
Y/n?" "Yes! Follow me!" Y/n grabbed my hand and we ran with the others close behind us. We were close to the tree when suddenly y/n tripped. We fell and suddenly Dante tripped on us right in front of the tree. "CONGRATULATIONS DANTE, YOU HAVE WON THE FINAL ROUND AND HAVE WON TICKETS FOR OUR CRUISE!" "Good job Dante! How many tickets do we get for the cruise?" "ANY AMOUNT! YOU CAN BRING ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!" "Good! Also BE CAREFUL HES A TERRIBLE KISSER!" Y/n laughed at Katelyn's dad's warning. After that y/n and I went to the beach and later went back to the house to make dinner. Travis asked us to make mac and cheese pizza. We made the pizza and y/n decided to make smoothies. She made banana and strawberry smoothies and served them. Everyone enjoyed y/n's smoothies and our pizza. Suddenly Y/n whispered something to Kawaii~chan. Oh no. Suddenly Kawaii~chan looked extremely mad. "DANTE~KUN YOU WILL NOT STEAL AARON~SENPAI FROM Y/N~SENPAI! Kawaii~chan chased Dante and we all laughed. We all got ready for bed and slept. As always I was squished by y/n's hug. I wonder if something's wrong. When we woke up we ran around doing many things. At about noon we went back to the house and I took a nap on the roof.

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