its funny how in just a matter of a month, so many relationship and friendships were made. Of course, they didn't have such a strong bond, but time will surely fix that.

as for me, remember that time when I said I need time and love to fix my poor, little broken heart? it seems that I found the missing piece that could help me love again. and that missing piece is just holding my hand, making me feel high, like I'm on cloud nine, making me feel loved, content, and happy.

I placed my free hand on his arm and leaned my head on his shoulder while walking with him through the nicely illuminated fair in the night.

we were a little bit behind tony and Rylie who were also holding each other, their are draped around each other shoulder.

Ryan was nowhere to be found.

it was a lovely night worth to remember. a night in which love is in the air

I could feel the happiness consuming me, eating me alive. like a little kid eating too much sweets. I felt somewhat guilty for being in such a good mood, but I didn't want the positive energy to ever leave me. I want it to remain forever.

I felt my hand being softly squeezed. looking down, I smiled, my heartbeat increasing. I raised my head up, and smiled at Shawn, who was staring down at me.

he kissed the top of my head, whispering something that I almost didn't catch. "I'm so happy."

I grinned at him, but stopped. the happiness I was feeling was too much for me to handle on my own, so I hugged him tight.

I wanted to scream and shout, and let it all out, but for some reason I couldn't. a lump has been put in my throat not letting me share my happiness with everyone.

he hugged me back, hiding his face in the crook of my neck. pressing his lips on the sensitive part of my neck, he remained like that. for a few seconds, more to my disapproval, before he retracted and leaned back to look into my eyes.

he gazed in my eyes, showing the same emotions I was feeling.

he leaned forward and kissed me. I closed my eyes and returned the sweet kiss he as planting on my lips.

he started to move his lips against mines, making me take his lead. I wasn't experienced, even though we kissed a couple times,but never so deep or passionate, but considering the smirk he let out, I was getting good at it.

Shawn cupped my chin in his hand and raised my head up a little bit biting on my bottom lip, he asked for entrance.

that's when I got nervous, but opened my mouth nonetheless.

I was so embarrassed by the way his tongue was massaging mine that my face felt like the sun and had the color of a strawberry.

heh, strawberry.

"EWW! PDA alert!" a girly voice screamed, making us snap back to reality and ended our make out session. I frowned, being a little bit annoyed.

turning my head from where the voice was heard, I saw rose and daisy standing right beside each other, smirking at us. with small steps they approached us.

"dase, you owe me 25 bucks," rose told her, making daisy snap her head towards her sister with a frown on her face.

"what pft, no. of course not."

Daniel and I were watching them, puzzled. looking at each other for a short second, we returned to watching the arguing girls.

I think the answer is yes. we made a bet. remember?"

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