Ch. 10 Cultural Festival

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Atsuko's life has gotten better now that she lives with the Sohma. Atsuko has gotten closer with Yuki helping each other with studying or making dinner. Yuki enjoys spending time with Atsuko and getting to know her. Atsuko is the first female who is an outsider that knows his true self and yet she isn't scared or disgusted by it. 

It's now morning and the children are now in school. The students have been busy setting up for the Cultural Festival. Atsuko's class have decided to make rice balls and to use Yuki's hit-or-miss method over Kyo's all-or-nothing plan. The four children including Arisa and Hana were heading out to find a place to eat. 

" I still don't get why they don't want to use my idea" Kyo mumbled. 

" Because your idea is stupid" Arisa rolled her eyes. 

" What did ya say?!" Kyo snapped. 

" Want me to repeat it by punching you in that pretty boy face of yours" Arisa smirked. 

" G-G-Guys! Please don't fight" Tohru begins to panic. 

Arisa and Kyo looked away while Tohru walked between them laughing nervously. Atsuko and Yuki looked amused as they walked next to each other while Hana stayed quiet the whole time. 

" This seems like a good spot," Hana whispers. 

Everyone looked to see Hana staring at a cherry blossom tree. They smiled thinking that it is a good spot to eat lunch. 

" It's beautiful," Atsuko smiled. 

Atsuko sat down with Yuki on her right and Hana on her left. Tohru sat between Kyo and Arisa giving everyone their lunches. 

" Thanks for lunch!" They cheered. 

Everyone started to eat and talk about the cultural festival. The cultural festival will begin the next day and everyone is excited to participate. 

" Tohru. Atsuko. I know your mom would have been excited to come to the Cultural Festival," Arisa whispered. 

Tohru and Atsuko smiled softly. 

The boys stayed quiet. 

" Mom enjoys going to festival huh Atsuko" Tohru looked at Atsuko. 

" Yeah, Mom used to take us to one all the time when it was in town," Atsuko smiled. 

Lunch soon ended and everyone went back to help set up for the cultural festival. The four waved at their friends walking out of the school and heading home. They arrived to see a woman shouting at Shigure to finished his outline for the novel. 

" Who is that?" Atsuko asked. 

" That would be Shigure's editor," Yuki sighed. 

" I'm going to go make dinner," Atsuko smiled. 

" Do you need any help?" Yuki asked. 

Atsuko shook her head entering the kitchen closing the door behind her. Yuki smiled softly heading upstairs to his room and sighed. 

" I don't know what to do," Yuki mumbled. " Something about Atsuko makes me feel very happy, but I'm scared she won't have the same feelings as me," Yuki closed his eyes, and he sighed. 

" Then why don't you tell her that you like her!" 

Yuki opened his eyes to see Kyo blankly staring at him. 

" What are you doing in my stupid cat!" Yuki gave him a stern stare. 

" Guess who is talking lover boy. This is my room" Kyo rolled his eyes. 

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