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- Present -
{ Blue's POV }

* November, 2013 *

I'd never thought I'd be here in UCLA, one of the most hardest schools to get into, getting my degree and working in the medical unit.

I barely even get to see any of my friends back at home anymore, so I just interact with the people around school property. I don't know what it was, but people liked me tons here.
LA was a nice and busy city which was good enough for me.

I had a ton of colleges I applied to, and I told myself I'd go to the first one that accepted me, and that was UCLA.

What I loved about this university, was that there were a ton of frat house parties, where we got to see lots of cute fratboys. And lucky me, I was dating one of them, Dylan Matthews.

He's been checking me out ever since I even stepped foot here, and I used to think it was hilarious. I kept teasing him, every single party but then one night, he sang drunkenly for me, and I just, I kind of just... fell in love with him.

That night, I kissed him for the first time and it was good....
After that, we immediately clicked and started talking and joking around more constantly.
A few weeks after that, we made it official and now he was my boyfriend.

Yay, right?

The only turn offs about Dylan, was that he was a show off sometimes and he'd get a little overattached with me, but eh,
he was hot.


I was in my dorm room, finishing up my ten page essay that was due tomorrow. In silence, I concentratedly typed on my laptop when a knock came the door.

"Hannah, dont tell me you forgot your fucking key again?" I groaned.

Hannah was my roommate.

Another knock.
I sighed, what if it was this serial killer and I had no clue?

*Cue the scary music*

As I slowly neared the door, I dramatically swung it open only to find Dylan leaning on the door frame.

I gasped. He was not allowed to be here. Quickly, I tugged him in, closing the door behind him.

"Dylan, I don't want to get in trouble,"

"You won't, babe! I'll take the blame for it alright?"

I pursed my lips, shrugging. "What's up?"

"Decided to come see you," He smiled, me grinning as I neared him, kissing his lips slowly.

The kiss grew more hungry, my fingers tangling into his hair as our tongues collided heavily. His hands ran down my waist and to my bum as I lightly moaned once he squeezed teasingly.

"Mmm, wanna hook up tonight?" He smirked, caressing my cheek gently.

I shrugged, my nose brushing his. "Hannah's out for a basketball game and won't be back til' morning."

Dylan grins, kissing me once more. "Awesome, then,"

"Ugh, but I still got some serious work to do," I motioned at all the textbooks and papers scattered over my bed, like a tornado just took place.