Happy Together

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And so, their journey begins...

She was sleeping like a baby on his shoulder while they were on their way back from a vacation. He felt giddy, for he could not believe what just happened earlier. She actually accepted his proposal. She accepted him to be her husband. Right at that moment, he felt like he was the luckiest man in the whole world. He kept thanking God for He has blessed him with the best gift he could ever ask for. He could not believe that he would be spending the rest of his life with this girl whom he loved dearly. As she slept, he slowly put on his other earphone on her ear while his favorite song played. Then he sang softly to her. That woke her up, but she did not mind one bit. She just smiled and gave him her sweetest kiss. Then he gathered up his courage and asked if she could move in with him once they landed because he could not spend another day or night without her by his side. She agreed.

Days and weeks passed and everything seemed like a dream. It felt perfect. He continued to discover new things about her. Things that made him fall in love with her even more. For one, his ladylove was actually a great homemaker. She cooked, did their groceries and even their laundry despite her busy schedule. He trusted her so much that he also began to let her handle their finances. His family began to adore and love her as well. They would repeatedly tell him, "she's really a good influence on you, don't ever let her go." She was indeed a good catch and he was not going to allow anyone to steal her away from him anymore. So when they flew to the US for a vacation, he decided that it was time to seal the deal. He asked his brother to help him plan an intimate wedding ceremony and there, they got married.

Like any other married couple, they experienced some rough moments. They argued over petty things as they were both jealous and possessive of one other. But they tried to compromise. Whenever he was out with friends for instance, he made it a point to send her photos because he did not want her to think that he was fooling around. She appreciated the gesture. But he on the other hand, could never be assured of anything. No matter what explanation she gave, he would still be jealous. It came to a point where she was not allowed to be seen with another guy even if the guy was just a friend or a co-worker. For him, he was the only one who could be with her. At this point, she was getting a bit frustrated already but since she loved him, she tried to understand where he was coming from. But what got to her was his partying. He was going out with his friends too often, leaving her in the house all by herself. She felt that he was taking her for granted. So one day, she got fed up. They had a fight, and she asked for space. She went back to her parents' home. She felt that she did everything to make their marriage work, but it seemed like her efforts were going nowhere.

Living alone made him realize what he had lost. He could not take it anymore so he went to her house to win her back. In fact he went every day even if she did not want to see him. It was during these times that he got depressed and would spend the nights drinking with his friends. He was losing hope and he was going out of control. Then one night, she came to fetch him as he was too drunk to drive. She brought him home, took care of him until he fell asleep then she left. When he woke up, he found a note that said, "I still love you, but how can I entrust my life to someone who cannot take care of himself?" From then on, he stopped. He decided to change. He wanted her back and he did everything to be the best man for her. Eventually, his hard work paid off, she came back. At that point, he felt the need to make her feel special all over again so he knelt down and asked her to marry him once more. They got married for the second time in a civil wedding ceremony as they had no time to prepare for a church wedding due to their hectic work schedule. He just wanted to prove to her how much he really loved her.

For the second chance given to them by Eros, the God of Love, they bought a new house, the future home they would share with their children. As an artist, she single-handedly designed the house. She did not want to hire an interior designer since she wanted their home to be exactly how they pictured it in their dreams. Of course she was open to his inputs as well. Therefore, they shared ideas and compromised as their house was being built. You can say they were the ideal young couple who wanted to build a family that would be together forever. One day, while they were busy doing some final touches on the house, he asked her to sit with him on the porch. They both reminisced how far they have come, how deep their love for each other has become and how strong their love was for one another. They both knew that nobody could tear them apart anymore, that they should trust their love and have faith that this love would last a lifetime. They may come across bumps and rough roads along the way but together they could surpass them all. At the end of the conversation, she shared something that she has been meaning to share with him, "Hey, I am pregnant!"

- The end -

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