Ch. 9 Let's go home

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Atsuko didn't feel well, and so she decided to stay home, which Mr. Honda didn't mind at all. The other children left the house while Megumi went to work, leaving Atsuko with Mr. Honda. 

Atsuko stepped out of the room, seeing Mr. Honda watching TV. Atsuko smiles softly remembering how she met Mr. Honda, who has been treating her like she's a part of the family. Atsuko walked towards the couch, and she sat down next to Mr. Honda. 

" Good morning, Atsuko-chan," Mr. Honda smiles at Atsuko.

" Good morning grandfather," Atsuko politely nods her head. 

Atsuko looked at Mr. Honda, and she smiled. Mr. Honda held Atsuko's hand as he looks at her with a fatherly expression. 

" Atsuko. I know you since you were a little child when Kyoko brought you to me for the first time," Mr. Honda smiled softly.

Atsuko curiously stared at Mr. Honda. 

" I know Kyoko wants what is best for you," Mr. Honda tells Atsuko. 

Atsuko tensed up, and she worriedly looks at Mr. Honda.

" Grandfather," Atsuko whispers. 

" Please forgive Megumi and her family," Mr. Honda whispers. " I can tell that you are in pain," Mr. Honda looks at Atsuko in the eyes. " Both you and Tohru are what I have left from Kyoko and Katsuya," Mr. Honda sadly tells Atsuko.

Atsuko stayed quiet when she remembered Kyoko's husband and Tohru's Father, Katsuya Honda. Atsuko heard about Katsuya from Kyoko, and she told her that Katsuya passed away from an illness overseas leaving Kyoko and Tohru behind. The Mother and child felt broken and alone, and Kyoko wanted to kill herself if it weren't for seeing a mother and daughter interacting that she remembered that she has a daughter that needed her. That was also the day when Kyoko found Atsuko, and she took the little girl into her life. 

" I won't leave you, grandfather," Atsuko looks at Mr. Honda with a loving expression. 

" But they probably need you more than I do," Mr. Honda looks at Atsuko in the eyes.  

Atsuko blinked looking at Mr. Honda with a confused expression. 

" I figured that you two must have found a home where you feel belonged.  All I'm saying is that I'll be fine on my own because both of your happiness is all I cared about," Mr. Honda smiled at Atsuko. 

Tears welled up in Atsuko's eyes, and she immediately hugged Mr. Honda.

" Thank you," Atsuko whispered. 

Hours passed, and everyone started to return from their job or school. Atsuko finished her chores, and she smiled when she sees Tohru, feeling glad to see that her sister has finally arrived. Then dinner began, everyone stayed quiet once Mr. Honda sat down at the head of the table. 

" Before we eat. I have something to say," Megumi speaks up. 

Everyone turned their heads to look at Megumi. 

" I have been researching at my job, and Father, these two" Megumi turned her head slightly to look at Atsuko and Tohru. " Have been living with unknown men before coming here!" Megumi sternly looks at Atsuko and Tohru. 

Atsuko and Tohru looked at each other with a worried expression. 

" I figured that she must have given her body to them so they can live there," Megumi looked at Atsuko with a disgusted expression. 

Atsuko's eyes widened. Atsuko felt like someone stabbed her in the back when she hears that Megumi is calling her a prostitute in front of Mr. Honda and Tohru.

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