They met

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Amanda POV

"Let's go clubbing to celebrate your birthday!!" Jess, my best friend says.

Today was my birthday, I was turning 21 and I live with my brother. I know what ya are thinking 'who lives with their brother at 21' well I do because he is lazy and can't rent his own house or get an apartment, So I have to help him with the rent.

"NOOO, You know I don't like clubs! Dancing with all them sweaty bodies rubbing each other!"

"PLEASE?!?!Do it for me and it's only for today and we won't drink a lot please!!!" she says giving me her puppy eyes and she knows that I can't resist her puppy eyes.

"fine, I'll go but I won't drink or do any thing." I said defeated and rolled my eyes at her.

"WOOOOOO!!!!!!" She yells jumping up and down. I chuckle at her. "I'll put out your cloths, okay?" She says quickly and runs to my closet before I can say anything. She comes back but the cloths is behind her so I can't see it.
" what did you pick?" I ask.

" I won't show you now go to the bathroom."

"Uh fine" I say getting up and going to the bathroom. I stand at the door waiting for her to give me my cloths but instead she pushes me inside and close the door behind her.

" what are you doing?" I ask confused.

" I'm going to do your hair and your makeup first then you can change, okay?"

"fine." I close the toilet lid and sit on it. She starts doing my hair in waves and  she does my makeup natural. She goes out and comes in and hands me a black dress with some black high heels. I look at her like if she is crazy and but she ignores me and goes outside the bathroom.  "Get changed and don't complain." She says when she closed the bathroom door behind her.

                                                                     (Left-Amanda)(right-Jess)I change into the dress and put the high heels on, then go outside to where she is

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I change into the dress and put the high heels on, then go outside to where she is. she gasps "you look amazing, I bet many guys are gonna hit on you!!!!!" She says and winks at me. The dress fits perfect for my body it showed my curves and my long tan legs and the heels completed the look. The dress had 2 slits in the front and it was strapless and in the front it was a deep V cut that showed a lot of cleave.

" let's just go so get this over with." I said pulling her out of mine and my brothers apartment and closing it behind me and locking it.

We drive to the club in her car and we park across the street from the club. We both get out and head to the front of the line where the security guy is. she whispers something to the security guard and he nods at her, then he lets us in, winking at Jess and she giggles. "what were you two talking about." I ask Jess as we enter the club. " I told him that I will met him in the front at 11 and to let us pass." She said casually like it was something you say ever day. I chuckle at her because she always do that to every club she goes.

We go straight to the bar and she orders two drinks and she gives one to me. "Jess I don't want to get drunk and I don't drink remember." I said pushing the drink to her. "Oh come on its your birthday, let's have fun today please, for me?" She says pushing the drink back to me. "Ugh, fine  but just one okay?" I say and she nods her head, I grab the drink and take a sip of it and i can feel the burning sensation of it but it taste really good so I start to take big gulps of the drink. I notice that I finished it and grab Jess's drink ignoring her shock face and drowning her drink in one gulp.

I kind of feel funny and hipper so I grab Jess's hand and pull her to the dance floor.

" lets go dance." I say and start dancing, Jess doesn't move at all and just stare at me like I'm crazy or something but then she shrugs and start dance too. we dance for a bout an hour or so but it was mostly just moving to the music and swaying your hips. After a while a man comes up to us and tells Jess if she wants to dance with him, she nods and says sorry for leaving me alone but I shrug and tell her it's okay. They then go further into the dance floor and I go back to the bar and order another drink.

"Hello, what's your name beautiful?" A deep sexy voice says next to me, I turn and come face-to-face with a sexy greek god. He had dark brown hair, dark brown eyes,  he had a sharp jaw line that could cut and with messy bed hair but it looks so sexy on him. He was wearing a dark blue suit that look hella expensive but it looked good on him. He looked buff and sexy at the same time.

"Like what you see?" He says with a smirk and I notice that I was staring at him for to long. So I look down at my lap and hide my face with my hair because I don't want him to see the blush on my cheeks.

He chuckles "What's your name?" He says while putting a finger under my chin making me look at him. "A-Amanda C-Casanova." I say stuttering. "That's a beautiful name for a beautiful girl like you." He says.

"Thank you" I say but before he can say something I hear my favorite song by Ariana grande called 'dangerous woman'. I was so excited so I jump off the chair and grab his hand and pull him to the dance floor. I stand in front of him and start swaying my hips side to side and he grabs my hips pulling my closer to him, I giggle but keep swaying to the song. Next he switches me so my back was to his front and we start to slowly grinding on each other going with my music.

"Want to go to my house?" He whispers in my ear which sends shivers down my back but of pleasure. And I was so drunk that I agreed. He then takes my hand n pulled me to the back of the club. We walk towards his car which was an Audi R8 Sryder and it was all black. I just stood in front of the car and stare at it because it was so beautiful. We enter his car n then drive to his house where he keep me up all night long pleasuring me.


    Trenton POV

i leave my mansion around 9:55, 5 minutes before the meeting that is at the mid night club. i have a meeting with the Russian mafia so we can untie together but not by marriage because I don't want to get married right now I'm to young for that s**t. i get in my black Audi R8 Sryder and drive to the club that is about 10 minutes away but i got there in less than 5 minutes. I enter the club and go to the VIP section where my office and private rooms are.
Not known that night changed my life...

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