Chapter 15

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I quickly finished my lunch and got up to find Beckham. I wish I would have told him to meet me somewhere. Walking outside, I scanned the area for his brown hair. Wait, his hair is black now, Laelyn, I reminded myself. Right. I scanned the area for his black hair. I finally spotted him over by the big tree- me and Link's tree. I shook away the feeling and walked toward him. He was still reading his journal.

"Laelyn!" He called. "I found something." I sat down on the grass beside him.

"What is it?" I asked.

"Here, read this." He said, pushing the journal in my direction. I took it eagerly and read the page he was pointing to.

                                                                                  Soryx-Entry 17

Today my father told me about the demons. It was really confusing but... Father is very passionate about stopping them. The demons are in the Karos dimension string, which is impossible to travel to without a fully controlled portal creation, and it's very dangerous. I've got about seven years now, before I am fully in control. Anyway, Father says someone will have to go to Karos to defeat the demons.

I don't want to be that person. I know that Father is one of the best demon hunters out there, but I don't want to follow in his path. It's a dangerous job, and I don't think I could handle it. Father said I'll be fine.

He also told me about Daeva. Daeva is the most dangerous demon in the universe, and has ultimate control over the dimensions. Her father decided that their family should create a curse, the Curse of the Portal. This curse was formulated to make sure nobody else could travel through a dimensional portal and remember it. They would become their dimensional counterpart, and be replaced in the dimension they came from. This way, the demons could rule over every dimension and couldn't be stopped. It was a seemingly foolproof plan, since no one could remember and no one could prove the curse existed. However, a few people in the dimensions were born with a certain immunity to this curse. They could travel throughout the dimensions freely and remember everything. They also replaced their counterpart instead of becoming them. Daeva was outraged that her father's curse had a weakness, and claimed that she was more powerful than him. She killed him, and the rest of her family. That is the only proof that I need, to know that she is heartless.

Daeva started traveling between dimensions, trying to eradicate everyone who was immune. That's when Father told me something that really scared me.

I'm immune.

I'm a target for a merciless killer. I have to live the rest of my life on the run, unless I want to be a demon hunter, like my father. He is immune as well, all demon hunters are. So it's up to me and the rest of the immunes to stop her. After he told me that, he informed me that we have to find a way to... Kill her. That's the biggest reason I can't be a demon hunter. I could never kill someone, even someone who is out to kill me. And she is very powerful. How would ever I be able to defeat her? It's like the more I learn, the less possible it seems.

But Father told me of one weakness she has. Daeva is addicted to power. Of course, she is very powerful. Apparently, whenever you kill someone with any power, you gain that power yourself. Daeva has killed quite a lot of people, which has made her one of the most powerful entities to ever exist. But, if someone were able to delay her power or even get rid of it, she'd have no other tactic to get what she wants. Of course, that doesn't help me much. There's no way I could do that on my own. But hey, someone might be able to. Anyway, that's all for today.

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