Pool Party

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Hey guys!
This "story" was inspired by Scott and Mitch (wtf am I talking about? Of course it was inspired by Scott and Mitch?!) Okay, let me explain..
It's inspired by a picture Scott took of Mitch, by a pool, and that is basically it. I'm so stupid, though, because I don't have the pic, to show u guys..
How typical, but anyways!
Hope you enjoy!
(I know that I tell you this every time, but I feel like I should warn you)
Warning *SMUT*
- - - - - - - - - -

(Scott's pov)

"Mitch! Hurry up! I don't want us to get late, just because you take forever to get ready!" I yelled through our house. "Then it's your fault that I look terrible!" Mitch finally walk out from the bathroom and grabbed a bag. He doesn't look terrible at all.
"Now your being slow!" He smiled and ran down to our car. I shook my head and followed him.

We got into the car and drove to the party. Mitch knocked at the door and it was immediately opened by our beautiful friend Esther Kaplan.
"Uuh! She's hot in bikini!" Mitch said and they both laughed. "This girl is prettier." She laughed, pointing at Mitch. They laughed and hugged each other. Then Esther hugged me and welcomed us into her house. "Wow, this place is so pretty!" I said and looked around. "Thanks, Scott!" Esther answered and took our bags. "The others are outside."

(Mitch's pov)

We went outside and was welcomed by our best friends. Kirstie came over and hugged both of us the second we walked outside. We found Avi and Darien at the grill, not a surprise, and Kevin and Jeremy by the pool.
Then Esther came out to us and went to Darien and Avi, asking them when the food was ready. Jeremy asked if anyone wanted to play volleyball. Kevin and Scott agreed to play and I went to the chairs, next to the pool, sunbathing with Kirstie. I looked over to Scott, when he pulled his shirt over his head.
Oh god. He's so muscular.
He started playing with Jeremy and Kevin. He was pretty good at it.
"Checking anyone out?" Kirstie asked and laughed when I blushed.
"No! I was just.. looking for the food!" I quickly responded. She gave me the "IKnowYouWereLookingAtHim" look, but I ignored her and laid down next to her. After a while, Avi yelled that the food was ready and we went over there to get some BBQ, before Avi ate it all.
I sat down next to Scott. He gave me a naught look. I looked at him, a bit confused. "What are you..Aah!" He lifted me up and ran straight to the pool. "SCOTT!" I screamed, but it was to late. We landed in the cold water and I tried to hit Scott. "I will beat you up!" I yelled and we both started laughing. The others jumped into the pool and started playing volleyball in the water.
I went up, shaking because of the cold water. I tried to find my towel, but before I could do that, someone placed their own towel on my shoulders and started rubbing my shoulders softly. It was Scott. "Sorry." We both laughed and I answered "I wouldn't have gotten in the pool, without your help." He laughed  and looked down at me. His eyes are so pretty. "Uuuh-Uuuuuh!" Avi whistled and the others started laughing. I blushed and sat down next to Scott. He was blushing as well!
The others kept on playing and soon Scott and I joined them again. A few hours later Scott and I decided to go to the jacuzzi. Kirstie and Jeremy went home and Darien carried the sleeping Esther up to her bed. Avi and Kevin also went inside after whistling at us and laughing when we both blushed again. We were all alone now!
I looked up and caught Scott quickly looking away.
"Scott..I.." I couldn't tell him.
He looked at me, showing me that he was paying attention.
"I.. I think.. I think I.." But he cut me off, by pressing his lips against mine. I immediately kissed back and he placed his hand behind my head and the other on my inner thigh. I shivered and opened my mouth, allowing Scott's tongue to enter. He slowly moved his hand further up and started stroking my rock hard member. Me breath got faster and I moaned slightly. He stopped and I looked up at him, a bit disappointed. He then inserted to fingers into me and started pumping slowly. I moaned, but he quickly covered my mouth and looked back at the house. He then started pumping faster. "Oh Daddy! Fuck!" I moaned and he slid in another finger. He then pulled out his fingers and lined himself up with my entrance. Then he pushed into me. "Damn Mitch! Your so tight!" He gasped. "I k-know.. M-move!" I moaned. He started moving slowly. Then he added more speed, thrusting harder and harder, making me moan out his name.
Suddenly we heard someone from the house.
"Kev, are you out h.. Ooh!"
It was Avi. He had a cup of wine in his hand.
"Kevin! Where are you, you son of a..
I won the bet! Do you hear me?! Scomiche is fucking real, HAHA!" He then stumbled back into the house, while loudly singing: Scomiche is real and I won the freaking bet!
"It s-seems like we h-have a shipper!" I gasped and moaned loudly. "Yeah." Scott replied, while breathing heavily. He moved his hand down to my erection and started pumping it again. "Oh god! Daddy! I-I'm about to..Aah!" I came in the water and Scott thrusted a few more times and then came into me with a deep moan.
He pulled out of me and asked "Do you think y-you can walk?" "N-no." I gasped. He then got up and picked me up before wrapping me into his towel. He carried me inside, where we found Avi, passed out on the couch. Scott gently laid me down on the couch. He then laid down next to me and wrapped his arms around me.
"I love you, my little queen."
"I love you to, daddy."
- - - - - - - - -
That's all!
I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!
Okay, that was weird, but anyways..
Thank you guys!

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