Thirty One - I'm having a tea party with a bunch of gang members

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Jay Oliver

Mickey Islone  

Mickey Islone  

Mickey Islone  

Sven Denson

Thirty One - I'm having a tea party with a bunch of gang members

Thirty One - I'm having a tea party with a bunch of gang members

Aria's POV

"Let her go." Jay says to the really big bodyguard who I didn't even notice was in the room.

The bodyguard unties me and I stand up immediately, backing away. I'm going insane.

"Dude, why are you letting her go?" the Vaseline guy asks.

"That's Klifton's daughter." Jay whispers.

Klifton Jax? That can't be right...?

A huge explosion goes off, knocking the doors to the room right off their hinges. Vincent, M, Daniel and Cody walk in, all holding guns. Cody is holding Kayden by the arm.

Everyone on the other side pulls out guns as well.

"You see what you did Mickey, now someone is going to die because you put on too much Vaseline." Jay says.

"Hey, don't diss my coca butter flavored petroleum jelly!" Mickey says.

Vincent lets out a gun shot to the roof and suddenly everything turns into chaos. I really need some popcorn right now.

Oh my God, I am not watching someone die again.

"Guys!" I scream and everyone stops to look at me, "I have no idea what is happening right now and I don't know why Jay said that my father is Klifton and I just caught the guy I slept with last night cheating on me and then straight after that I was kidnapped. I am really confused and it's my time of the month which is really not helping so don't fucking test me right now because I am going to stab someone so can we please just take a break and have some fucking tea or something before I set this place on fire and start singing Adele or some shit?" I scream.

It's silent for a while before Mickey breaks it, "Yeah, tea sounds pretty good..." he states.

"I'll make sandwiches." M comments.

"I'll set the table." a few of the guys agree and walk out and soon it is just Vincent and I.

"I'm assuming you want to go to the store to get..."

I nod, "Yeah."





Vincent reads the brands as he walks down the isle with me and I try not to laugh.



I chuckle, "I bet you can't even say tampon."

"Okay." he says, smirking at me and dropping a whole lot of different boxes into the shopping cart.

He didn't even deny it.

"Let's go get the food." he states and walks to the food section.

I shouldn't even be talking to him but I want to and I don't want to and I can't believe he said he loves me because that happened way to fast and he needs to back the fuck up, this isn't a freaking love story.

"Got it, let's go." Vincent says, cutting off my thoughts.


"Would you like some scones." Mickey says in a really emphasized British accent.

Everyone looks at him with their eyebrows raised. "What, I'm just trying to lighten the mood. I've never done this before." he says.

What the heck is going on? Everything just happened so fast.

I'm having a tea party with a bunch of gang members.

"Guys, can someone please tell me what is happening?" I ask.

Cody lets go of Kayden and Kayden shoots out of his chair and starts backing away from the table. "How about we let your brother explain?" Cody says.

Kayden shakes his head and spins around, pushing open a door and sprinting out. Cody gets up but Vincent stops him, "Let him go." he commands and Cody sits back down.

I sit silently, waiting for an explanation.

"So Kayden isn't your brother." Jay says.

My eyes widen. Okay, let's get straight in then. I think I am already going to be sick. How can you tell someone that their life has been a lie so easily. I suck in a deep breath and nod. I need to hear the whole story.

"Your father is Klifton Jax. He was the leader of this gang until Vincent killed him. I am your ex-boyfriend. I was told to date you to protect you but I slept with another girl and you didn't know I was fake dating you because I slept with you and so you broke up with me and left. You were part of our gang too but nobody knew about you. Your dad made Kayden take care of you as your 'brother' after he wiped your memory. Your mom didn't kill herself, your dad murdered her. Your dad was a bad man and he is the reason there is a rival between The Shadows and us. Your dad killed Vincent's family and M's family and all the rest of your friends families and you were here when it happened but you don't remember it because of your dad. You are an only child. I think that's enough information for now. You'll understand soon, Aria." Jay says, nodding.

I laugh and start feeling really light headed. "Aria, are you okay?" Vincent asks, concerned.

"I think I could use some of those drugged cupcakes right now." I state as everything starts going dark.

"Aria." I hear someone say but it's really muffled.

Is this a good time to pray?

All I want is for this to all be a dream. All of it. I want to go back to eating pizza and playing GTA with my brother. I'll trade my life with someone else. I don't understand, everything just happened so fast.

Where is the pause button?

I feel someone shake my shoulders but my whole body is too numb to do anything.

Sweet nightmares. I hope bed bugs bite the person that fucked up my life this badly.


BOOM! That was the WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED bomb. Yup, well, there's the update now let me sleep in peace ;) xxx Adios bichachos <3

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