Chapter 13

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Seemingly as soon as I closed my eyes, I was ripped out of the clutches of sleep by the blaring sound of my alarm clock. Alright, alright, I'm awake! I rolled over and slapped the alarm button, shutting it off and automatically resetting it for the next day. I sat straight up, rubbing my eyes. Tomorrow was Saturday, and I didn't need to reset my alarm. I picked up the blue clock, trying to figure out how to undo the reset. After a minute, I simply turned it off. Setting it back on the dresser, I stood up to get dressed. I already had my uniform on, but it was wrinkled and still a bit damp from the storm in the alley. I shrugged off the leather jacket Beckham had given me, and laid it on my- the- bed. I pulled back the purple curtain in front of my closet, kicking off my sneakers then taking off my clothes from home.

The clothes were in the wrong drawers. My shirts, usually in the second drawer to the right, were in the bottom left drawer. I don't quite know why that bothered me so much, but it did. This wasn't my closet. It was Soryx-Laelyn's closet. But that didn't matter right now. Focus, Laelyn.

I grabbed a royal blue shirt from the wrong drawer and pulled it on. This wasn't a uniform. It was a tight, lower cut shirt that accentuated my figure and made me look much skinnier than I was. After looking to see if there were an uniform shirts in the closet- they must not have uniforms in Soryx- I looked for jeans. They were also in the incorrect place. I took a pair of cream colored skinny jeans, identical to the ones I had just taken off, determined to look as normal as possible. Who knew what Soryx-Laelyn usually wore to school? After I was changed, I looked at myself in the mirror by my door. I took a double take. I was... beautiful. Though none of my facial features had changed, I looked more fit and shorter, and I had dark blue hair to the middle of my back. I stared my reflection in the eyes, noticing for the first time that they were royal purple in color. I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding. I barely recognized myself, and I liked my appearance, for the first time in my life.

I confidently turned away from the mirror, picking my bag up off the floor. I glanced at my bed, and wondered whether I should bring Beckham's leather jacket back to him. I didn't really want to give it back, but I didn't want him to think I was stealing it, so I pulled it on. I flashed back to when he gave it to me. I was so confused, so scared, so cold; but he had made it all better by simply giving me his jacket. It made me feel protected, kind of like when a child hid under a blanket at night. It didn't actually help, but it made you feel like someone was with you, helping you through things.

I opened my door and rushed down the stairs. I wonder what Link looks like in this dimension? I turned into the kitchen and grabbed a granola bar from the bar. Sitting down at the table, I pulled out my book to read. Do they have the same books here? Or did the authors not become authors? That's a sad thought.

After about ten minutes, I realized how eerily quiet the house was. My mother had, of course, left for work at four in the morning. But Link was supposed to be awake by now. Maybe he forgot to set his alarm? I'll go check. I walked through the living room and into the hallway. After passing the bathroom and Mother's room, I reached Link's and hesitated. It didn't have the bright sign and posters that he had on his door on Earth. I'm sure my real brother would be going insane at the idea of an unpersonalized door- he added to it or changed it every month, and he said it was very important. He had even made me a sign, and kept telling me to add more things to it. I miss him, I realized. Even though he gets really annoying, I wish he were actually here. It would make this so much easier. At least I can see him, even though it's not really him.

I opened the door. "Link?" I called. The lights were off, and I got worried. He shouldn't be this late. I leaned over and flicked the light switch. My eyes widened in a mixture of horror and surprise. This was not a bedroom, it was an office. The only pieces of furniture in the room were a desk, chair, computer and a small rug. Where was Link's room? He had to be there. I ran out of the room and opened every other door I could find; every room was exactly the same as Earth. Every room, that is, except Link's. Tears rolled down my cheeks. He had to be there! I fell against a wall and slid down to the ground, running my hands through my hair and pulling at it. Everything was changing, and I just couldn't take it. My mind raced and my head pounded. I couldn't stop thinking about Daeva, and the fact that she was out to kill me. I could be dead soon. Trickle turned to pour, and my shirt had wet spots all over it by the time my eyes dried. How could my entire life have changed in a day? I was stuck in a new world, and the only person I knew was Beckham. I didn't even know my own mother! My brother was nowhere to be found, and I had to be to school sooner than I could mentally prepare myself for. I took a few shaky breaths, trying to calm myself down. You have to meet Beck at seven thirty. Get up, Laelyn. Somehow, I pulled myself up off the floor, dizzy. I collected my bag and book from the dining room table and headed out the back door, jogging slower than usual. I hadn't had an anxiety attack in two years until then, and it was just as terrifying as the first one. I remembered that day like yesterday...

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