Ch. 8 I want to go home

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Atsuko and Tohru were immediately accepted to the house by their grandfather. Mr. Honda adores the two girls and loves them both equally. Mr. Honda showed them to their bedrooms, but the girls decided to share a room which Mr. Honda didn't mind since he knows that Atsuko and Tohru have a close relationship with one another.

The girls unpacked their belongings, and they fell asleep on the same bed once they finished. A few hours later, Atsuko was the first one to awaken when she heard voices outside of their room. 

' Mmm. What's going on?' Atsuko asked herself. 

Atsuko gets off of the bed, and she made sure not to wake Tohru up. Atsuko puts her sandals on, and she walks towards the door. Atsuko slowly opens the door, but she stops herself when she sees Mr. Honda speaking to Tohru's paternal aunt Megumi, who is wearing worried expression. 

" Father. Are you sure about this?" Megumi worriedly asked Mr. Honda 

" I am positive about this, Megumi," Mr. Honda tells Megumi. 

" But!" Megumi shouts, but Mr. Honda cuts her off.

" No, buts, they are my granddaughters," Mr. Honda sternly tells Megumi.

" You don't even know them," Megumi tells Mr. Honda.  

Atsuko lightly bites her lips when she listened to their conversation. Atsuko couldn't help but feel a sudden tugged inside of her heart when she heard Megumi said that about her and Tohru. Atsuko was about to close the door, but she stopped she hears Megumi's last words which broke her heart. 

" You can keep Tohru since she is Katsuya's daughter, but the other one has to go," Megumi tells Mr. Honda.   

Atsuko closed the door gently, and she stares at it with wide eyes, unaware that tears fell her eyes. 

" I know I'm not Katsuya-san's biological daughter, but it hurts when someone says that," Atsuko whispers

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" I know I'm not Katsuya-san's biological daughter, but it hurts when someone says that," Atsuko whispers. 

Atsuko doesn't share the same blood as Tohru, and that's why she thinks of herself as different. Atsuko turns around, and she quietly looks at Tohru, who is asleep. Atsuko looked away, and she turns her head to look at the clock on the wall, and she sees that it is 5 in the morning. 

" I can't sleep," Atsuko mumbled. 

Atsuko grabs her school uniform, and she enters the bathroom, which she and Tohru shares. Atsuko closed the door behind her, and she puts her clothes to the side. Atsuko takes her pajamas off, and she gets inside the bathtub as she takes a warm shower. 

Ten minutes later, Atsuko steps out of the bathroom, and she is wearing her school uniform. Atsuko looked straight, and she sees that Tohru is already awake, and she is smiling at her.

" Good morning, Atsuko," Tohru happily greets Atsuko.

" Good morning, Tohru," Atsuko faked a smile since she doesn't want Tohru to get worried about her. 

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