21 ~ Ryan

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Ryan dragged himself out of bed, although he preferred to stay under the sheets with Felix, but she wasn't even supposed to be there. The conversation with Harris had killed his hard-on anyway. The cops found evidence in the charred remains of the arson site that suggested the home belonged to Felix and her criminal ex-boyfriend. Ryan chose not to say anything as they left the motel. If the cops were wrong, it would only cause Felix unnecessary stress.

Half an hour later, he and Felix were walking to the entrance of the forty-second annual watermelon festival. The first booth she made for boasted the best watermelon brownies in the county.

"Who doesn't like brownies?" she said as she shoved a sample into Ryan's mouth. It wasn't half bad, but that could have been the chipotle seasoning the vendor added to it.

They ended up eating brownies and vanilla ice cream for breakfast, and chasing it with kiwi watermelon soda sold by a woman who claimed watermelon enhanced the libido. Ryan didn't think either of their libidos needed enhancing, but he bought two bottles for the road.

Ryan insisted Felix take a nap to make up for her lack of sleep, and she managed to pass out for the first three hours of freeway time. When she woke up, she decided they needed to play Name that Tune.

"Okay, Ryan. Guess the artist of this song," she said as she turned the volume up on the radio.

He recognized the song, and he knew the band had been popular in the nineties. Unfortunately, he was busy being an idiot kid during that time. "What do I win if I guess correctly?"

She let her eyes scan his body, stopping at his crotch. "How about a blow job you'll always remember?"

Her lewd comment had his dick standing at attention, and he adjusted his hands on the steering wheel, redirecting his focus. "So, this contest would fall under the terms of delayed gratification?"

"It doesn't have to...if you think you can handle it."

The song played away in the background, but Ryan wasn't listening. He was imagining Felix going down on him while they cruised the freeway at seventy miles an hour. "Um, do I get a hint?"

Felix grinned, which managed to get him harder. She seemed eager to reward him for a correct answer. "The band was big during the grunge music scene."

Ryan knew the song was coming to an end, and he was no closer to guessing the band. He figured he didn't have to win a trivia contest to feel Felix's lips around his dick. He also knew it was dangerous to get his rocks off behind the wheel of a high-powered vehicle. With a resigned shrug, he surrendered as the song ended.

"That was Soundgarden, which I admit was a little obscure, but I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself. If you recognize a song and I can't guess it, you win. Same reward."

Ryan fumbled with the radio dial, trying to locate a song he knew. If only he could find a station playing AC/DC or Van Halen, he'd be golden, but given Felix's knowledge of music, she'd know every song from their discology. Finally, he found a song he remembered from his football playing days. One of his buddies had been into Depeche Mode. All he could do was hope Felix's musical tastes didn't go back that far.

"Okay, big shot. Who is this?"

Her response was immediate. "Depeche Mode, Enjoy the Silence."

"How the hell do you know that?"

"My college roommate was a huge fan of new wave music."

"Fine. New rules," he said. "How much do you know about football?"

"I grew up with a hardcore Chicago Bears fan. What's your challenge?"

"Current football quarterbacks."

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