Chapter 12 {Confronting It}

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Ross's POV
After everyone is done training it's dark outside so we all head to bed. Tired, I immediately fall asleep. I have that dream with the entity. It seems to be normal then it snaps.
"Hey please stop!" I say. It only ignores me and keeps using its powers to destroy things. "Look I know you're mad but maybe we can work something out?" I say. It stops and looks at me seemingly intrigued by what I said.
"Instead of holding all this anger and emotions in you can learn talk to someone about it." I say. It stares at me pointing to itself then pointing to me "What?" I ask.
It looks at the ground and makes an equal sign in between us "Wait are you saying you're me?" I ask. It simply nods it's head "Now that I think about I have been kinda suppressing emotions. It nods it's head then leaves.
I sit there blinking "Okay I guess it's gone." I say.

Sky's POV
I go to sleep quickly tonight. I have that dream with the entity. It's jumping around all over the place. In the process it's hurting yourself. "Hey stop that!" I shout. It looks at me "Why?" It asks "You can talk?" I ask "Of course I can!" It says "Wait that's not why I'm here, you need to calm down!" I say "I will when you do." It answers "What does that mean?" I ask.
"The second you put on that ring our emotions synced with each other. So we influence each other." It says running off "Hey get back here!" I shout. It only disappears "Ugh!" I shout.

Aphmau's POV
I'm in my that dream. I see the red entity standing before me. I can see it's mad. "Hey could you maybe calm down?" I ask. In response it pulls out the exact same whip I use "Wait..." I say as it swings it at me. I quickly dodge. "That's it!" I say dodging another attack. "Hey could you please just calm down!" I say. It doesn't listen and continues its attack. Okay who is able to calm me down?
"Jin!" I say. The entity immediately stops attacking after I say his name. "Jin wouldn't want to see us angry." I say to it. It simply nods. "Why are you here?" I ask "I am synced with your emotions." It says "Wait so because I have a short fuse you're here?" I say "Something like that." It says as it disappears.
"Well that was very anticlimactic." I say.

Jin's POV
I see the blue entity. It's sitting still and looks scared like usual. "Hey there." I say. It starts backing away from me. "You don't have to be scared." I say. It only starts backing up faster. "Ugh... Only if Aphmau was here. She always comforts people." I say to myself. The entity stops moving after hearing Aphmau's name. "Oh so you like Aphmau?" I ask "Only because you do." It answers "Only because I do?" I ask "Our emotions are synced." It says "through the bracelet?" I ask "Yes." It replies.
"Wait so that means you being scared means I'm scared." It nods it's head before disappearing "Oh come on I still have questions!" I shout.

Shelby's POV
I see the entity holding the sword I summon out of my reach. "Give it to me!" I exclaim. It just holds the sword up higher "Oh come on!" I pout "It's like you're rubbing in the fact I can't summon my sword!" "Affirmative." Says the entity "Wait you are?" I ask "Not rubbing it in but I technically am this inability." It answers "Then how do I get my sword?" I ask "You have to figure it out." Replies the entity.
I sigh looking up at the sword. "Why wouldn't I be able to use the sword in the first place." I say to myself. Then it hit me. I don't like to hurt people. But I'll have to in order to protect the others. To protect Cory. "I'll have to fight then." I say to myself. I look up to see the sword is now at my level and the entity was gone.
"So that was it. I just had to make the decision to protect my friends, even if it meant someone got hurt. At least they aren't good people." I say to myself.

Cory's POV
I'm in that dream again with that thing. It gives me an evil grin. "So you're back?" It says "Okay I'm going to cut to the chase." I say "A proposition I see?" It says "If you don't stop messing with my head I will die." I say blatantly. It stares at me shocked at what I said "You don't want to die, I know you're scared to?" It says "Not really but I know you are." I reply "Why would I be scared?" It asks "Because if I die you go with me." I say "Only until someone new posses me." It says sounding triumphant.
"When my friends find out I died because of you, you will never be used ever again." I counter. It only sits there and growls at me "Checkmate." I say smirking at him "Only for now..." It says "And I'll take this!" I say pulling the puppet of me out of his hands "Now I'm in control!" I say smiling. The entity shrinks back down and is a couple of inches shorter then me. He walks away from me and disappears. After I see him vanish I wake up in my head with a grin on my face.

3rd Person POV
Cory walks downstair to the living room to see everyone else already up. "How much longer did I sleep?" Cory asks "About half an hour longer." Answers Red as Cory sits next to Shelby on the ground.
"So did you confront it in your dream?" Asks Red "Yup!" Says Cory joyfully "What about the rest of you?"
"We all resolved any issues." Answers Sky "Yeah but it was still weird." Comments Jin "How so?" Asks Cory "Did your entity not tell you?" Asks Shelby "Tell me what?" Asks Cory "We are bonded with the entity so however we act it'll act the same way." Answers Aphmau.
Cory stares at them "But I'm not like that am I?" Asks Cory "Well maybe not to the extent the entity makes it." Says Jin "Yeah they seem to exaggerate things." Adds on Ross "So what this means is that I'm psychotic!" Exclaims Cory "Well yeah I guess." Answers Red "Why would Cory be psychotic?" Asks Shelby "Maybe because his parents only forced him to do one thing his whole life so now he could be mental fighting his subconscious." Suggests Jin "I feel like there's more to it then that." Says Aphmau.
"Well let's not worry for now, we resolved the problem anyways so let's train!" Shouts Red.

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