The Vine

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Colby's POV

"Okay. Let's head to the mall and get our Vine on!" I shouted pumping my fists in the air.

Ahh the mall! Home of our many public disturbance Vines!

This public disturbance is holding hands with strangers part 2!

Sam started the Vine off by trying to hold an old woman's hand. She pulled her hand away quickly. I stopped recording and Sam ran back over to me. I saw a little kid holding a mothers hand. Sam started to record me as I speed walked over to the kid and mother and tried to hold the mother's hand. She didn't yank it away. She just looked at me and laughed and I laughed with her. I let go of her hand and thanked her. I ran back over to Sam. He tried to hold a mans hand and almost got smacked. It was my turn again. We were in the food court by now. I seen a teen girl standing by Barnes and Noble. She was looking in through the window curiously. I elbowed Sam. He made a weird sound and looked at me. I pointed to the girl and Sam grinned.

"Do it." He whispered. I nodded my head as I started to walk towards her. Sam started to record as I approached the girl. I got close enough to grab her hand. She jumped when I touch her and pulled her hand away slowly. She looked at me with a confused look and I just froze. She had beautiful straight brown hair. Her eyes were the most rare color out there. Her eyes were a deep purple. She was wearing a black and white plaid dress. She stared at me for a second then she quickly looked at the ground. That's when I noticed her bag. Her bag was made to look like a bunch of superhero comic book pages. There was a little tag on the handle. I could only read one thing that it said.

Savannah Deming...

As in? Reed Deming's? Little sister? He never told me.

The girl looked up and saw that I was still standing here. She quickly dropped her head again making her bangs fall over her face. She backed up slowly. That's when I realized that she must be shy. I felt a hand on my shoulder and flinched. I looked to my right. Sam had his hand on my shoulder. He then gestured, with his head, for us to go. I reluctantly walked with Sam. I looked behind me to see that Savannah had looked back up and her face was beet red. I turned back around to look where I was going.

"What was that all about?" Sam asked when we were in the parking lot. I shook my head and shrugged. "I... I don't know..." I replied honestly. Sam shook his head as he pulled out his keys. "Want me to drive?" I nodded my head.

"Sam... did... did you know that Reed had a sister?" I looked over at Sam as he focused on the road. "Yeah... I knew. Why?" I shook my head. "No reason." We continued our drive home in silence. I decided to text Reed.

Colby: Hey

Reed: Hey What's up?

Colby: Nothing. But uh... I think I met your sister today.

Reed: Oh... really?

Colby: Yeah. Savannah.

Reed: Yeah that's my baby sis.

Colby: You never told me you had a sister...

Reed: I didn't know you wanted to know. How was she? Did she even talk to you?

Colby: Nah... she just kept looking at the ground. It was kind of a weird way of meeting her though. I didn't say anything to her so...

Reed: Yeah... sounds like her. How did you meet?

Colby: Sam and I were at the Mall doing a Vine. It was holding strangers hands you know. And I picked her. And yeah...

Reed: Wow... must have been awkward.

Colby: Yeah it was... pretty strange. But thanks for telling me. I'll ttyl. Bye.

Reed: Later!

Reed was a big help. At least I know who her brother is. Maybe I'll be able to see her again.

Maybe... just... maybe.


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