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I'm coming for the laughter !

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Sitting again with some kind of disturbing feeling

There has to be some kind of negative dealing


What is doing this to me, why am I sad 

Shouldn't I be glad ?

I am where I am happy atleast I think so,

Or is there something more,

Something I like to store and hold forever.


I can't backup the feelings that are locked,

Should I be shocked by raging against my own anger,

By the strenght that lays down a blossem of ember.

Is this the path I chose

Is this the direction I hold ?


Someone let me see, what feelings are consuming me 


It seems that I am walking around with a straight face but my head down

Far away from what once was my crown, my kingdom, my love.


Need to recover my strenght to prevail in life

In all the coming future sight


Please help me from any direction

From any caring section 


I'll never lose this battle again !


I'll fight no matter what comes at me 

Life without any disaster

Life with only laughter !!


I'm coming for you !!! 

I'm coming for the laughter !Read this story for FREE!