"What was I saying?" I ask, blushing.

"You were begging to be gotten out of here, you kept repeating it. I didn't understand much of what you said, you were babbling, that's the best word I can find to describe it." He says. "You asked if you were going to die, I told you that you weren't going to die, you said 'don't leave me' so I didn't, even when I knew it was not meant for me."

"Thanks." I say. "I don't really remember all that."

"I don't doubt it, the venom attacked your nervous system, it probably made you hallucinate." Kade says. "You were probably seeing someone with you, and you were talking to that person, instead of me, I didn't understand most of it, though."

"Probably." I say, trying to remember.

"I have been taking care of you since then." Kade says. "I have kept you hidden so no one finds you while I fish, I have tried to keep you warm when it's cold, I have wetted your lips so you wouldn't get so dehydrated, how are you feeling?"

"Weak, light-headed, confused." I say. "Thanks for what you did for me, I would have never imagined it, but why did you do it?"

"I know you didn't want to, but we are allies, I couldn't kill you even if I would want to." Kade shrugs. "I'm glad you are awake now, and I see you have already received a gift to welcome you back."

"Yeah, it helped me to gain some of my strength back." I say. "I couldn't even sit up at first."

"You probably still have some poison inside of you and you haven't eaten in five days if not more, it's obvious you wouldn't have enough strength, but that will be over soon."

"You said I was unconscious for five days, correct?"


"So today it's the fifteenth day?"


"Oh." I say. "How many have died while I was unconscious?"

"Hmm let me think." He says, he closes his eyes as he concentrates and counts with his fingers. "Four since you were unconscious, eleven so far."

"Eleven? I think there were only six tributes dead before all of this happened." I say. "I had a mental list of who had died, I know Ryle is dead, but everything gets foggy when I try to remember who else has died."

"You will remember with time, just don't try to remember everything all at once, it may not be good for you." He says. "Besides I'm here if you want to ask me anything."

"Okay." I say, nodding. "Who died in these five days?"

"Two days after you were attacked, two tributes died." Kade replies. "The boy from District five and the girl from my District, Divya."

"Divya is dead?" I ask in shock, it's hard to believe that. I really believed she would be one of the last five standing.

"Yeah, surprising, I know."

"Who else has died?"

"The boy from District nine died the day after that." He says. "The boy from District three died yesterday."

District 3, Brayen. That reminds me of Angelique, the girl that died because of me. I think it was better to not remember everything, I feel sick of my stomach and I feel guilty again.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yeah." I lie. "My head hurts a bit."

"You better rest, you will recover faster."

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