20 ~ Felix

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Felix had never been more grateful to see the sun as it pierced the gap in the blackout curtains. She hadn't slept a wink for fear she might slug Ryan again, and she knew he had been awake too, based on the number of times he changed position. Now, his rhythmic respirations suggested he was asleep, and his breath warmed her neck while his hands gently cradled her hips. Even more than the feeling of his firm chest against her back, she quivered at the pressure of his woody on her ass.

Felix felt her own version of morning wood as she imagined Ryan working her over with his magic fingers. She wasn't ashamed to admit she had gone to bed thinking about him working her over with another tool he had in his arsenal. Why did that stupid nightmare have to ruin the good thing they had going? Did he suspect she was a psycho? Would he ever trust her again? Felix caressed his arm and he stirred, pressing his face into her hair.

"Good morning, Felix."

"Good morning. Ryan." She offered a subtle wiggle across his hard-on. "Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?"

"Why don't you pull the trigger and find out?" He spoke sleepily into her ear as he placed soft kisses on the lobe. "I know you didn't sleep. I felt you toss and turn for two hours."

"I'm sorry I kept you awake."

"Only until an hour ago, but don't blame yourself. I enjoyed having you lying next to me."

"Hmm. I've been thinking about you lying on top of me."

He groaned as he wedged his erection between her cheeks. "Damn, Felix. You really do want to kill me."

Felix's stomach lurched, and she turned in his arms, facing him head-on. "Ryan, you have no idea how terrible I feel about that. I don't want you to think I'm a crazy bitch who decks people in their sleep."

"Don't apologize, Felix. I didn't mean it that way. It was a stupid joke and I shouldn't have said it."

He kissed her cheek, probably to avoid an assault of morning breath, and she used his gesture to segue into innocuous exploration, sliding her hand under the sheets. Felix fondled his chest, tracing the hairs running from his belly button to the top of his shorts. That sexy trail had been occupying her thoughts since last night, after they crawled into bed together and didn't have sex.

"Are we still waiting for the wine to breath?" she said. "I haven't seen you naked yet."

Steven Tyler interrupted their seductive banter, and Ryan reached for his phone on the nightstand. "Sorry, Felix. Reality bites." He cleared his throat before swiping the screen. "Ryan Clark here. What kind of situation? Is Fulton sticking his arrogant nose up your ass? I called him last night with an update."

Ryan glanced at Felix as she watched him from her pillow. "Are you sure it was arson? What's the address? Yeah, I know the area. I haven't left Alabama. Let me grab some breakfast, first. Keep me in the loop, will ya? I think we found enough here to put together a decent case. Okay. See ya, Harris."

Ryan looked distressed when he hung up, and Felix immediately hated this Harris guy for killing their sex vibe. 

"Was that your boss?" she asked.

"And weekly task master. He's anxious for me to get back to Chicago. Do you want some breakfast?"

"I'll eat anything that doesn't resemble lo mein or fried wontons." She grinned, letting him know she didn't blame him for causing her to flush her dinner down the toilet. "We still have those free passes to the watermelon festival. Maybe they have watermelon pancakes."

"Sounds disgusting, but I'm up for whatever you want."

"Be careful what you offer, I might want Italian sausage for breakfast."

Felix watched Ryan's face for signs he might be considering her suggestion. Wasn't he caught up in their sex vibe before his damn boss called? He brought his hand to her face, his expression laced with what she thought was desire.

"You're seriously putting me through my paces, Felix, but I don't think Alabama is the best place to sample Italian sausage. It's more of a Chicago thing. Why don't we head back, and if you're still hungry for Italian, I'll treat you to the house special."

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