Chapter 11

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"Hammer !!! Hammer!!! Hammer!!!"

I can hear then chanting his name. This Hammer guy is the one of the young street fighter Travis and Ace talked about before.

The crowd filled the old small building. There must be two hundred people at last who showing off some dollars on their hands to bet in this fight.

"You okay ?" Travis asked me. I nodded.

"I am fine. I didn't know this will be this crowd" I said to him.

"Well Hammer just won ten fights without KO so people wants to see him again" Travis said.

"That's good" I said.

I heard Travis sighed. "Kells will be here shortly" He informed me. I nodded again.

Its been a week since the talk about me being " just friends " with Kells. He disagreed to that idea and he's been ignoring me all week. I know he is mad but this is the best way to figure things out. Our relationship always been complicated since the very first day.

"An angel shouldn't watch this, I thought" came a voice that belong to Clara said beside me. I rolled my eyes.

"Clara" I said.

"I'll take some drink for us. Wait here" Travis said then left me and Clara alone.

"I didn't know you like to watch a street fight" she said in surprise tone while I rolled my eyes.

"I am not! I am just here to accompany Travis and Ace" I said. Suddenly Clara smiled.

"Look who's finally arrived" she said pointing at the entrance of the building.

My heart feel like stop when I saw him. Machine Gun Kelly. He stood there with a woman in his hand. He was talking to some guys. Clara laughed.

"Hahah that's jenny" Clara said.

"Why is she with kells ?" I asked in irritated tone.

"Woahhh Calm down, no need to be jealous. She is a stripper. Kells probably hired her for a night. If you know what I mean" she smirked at me. I started to dislike Clara very much now.

"I dont care" I said as I stomped on my feet and went to the near bathroom.

The music pumping so loud outside, signaling that the fight will be on in few minutes. I can't seem to erase that picture of kells with another woman in my head. Is he already forget about me ?

I wiped some unknown tears on my face. Why did I cry so much for him ? Why love is hurt like this. Some girls who are in the bathroom looking at me weirdly and hurriedly left.

I know I look like a crazy girl right now but who cares. My heart just broken into pieces.


"This is Tyler aka Hammer" Ace introduced me to the one and only the famous Hammer. I smiled and shooked his hand.

"Its nice to finally meet ya, Kells told me a lot of things about you" he said. I just nodded.

He look very muscular for eighteen year old boy. "Good luck for your fight" I said. He smiled. "Thank you, angel. I'll win this and I know it" he said in confident.

"I know you do" i said.

"Its time, Hammer. Come on" Ace said. Hammer took a deep breath and nodded.

"See ya later" he said.

"See ya" I answered back.

He smiled then following Ace to the back stage. I stood there awkwardly.

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