A/N: Some one found out what they are going to have. It is a girl.

We had THREE girls. God is trying to kill me. I walked in the room to see a adorable baby looking up. She had short wavy blonde hair. She only looked about 8 or 9 months. I picked her up and held her close to me. I saw a note hooked to her bed that said "Macy's allergic to carrots and grapes." So this is Macy. I was about to walk to the next crib when I heard the girliest scream EVER. I ran into the hall with Macy still in my arms. It was Marcus. There was a toddler in front of him. It was a girl. She had short blond hair and a pink fluffy dress on. There was a smile plastered on her face. Her eyes where a blue color. She made me think about when I was younger. She had a name tag on that said "Mia can eat anything." that is good.

After meeting all the children there where four. Mia, Macy, Annie, and Sarah. We where playing with the children when my phone rung. "Hello. Yes, this is Jordan. Okay. Bye." It was Ms. Sanders. She said we needed to go shopping and there was a credit card on the table. It was to no limit. I ran to the closet to see if there was a stroller. It was a stroller with three seats. One in front of the other. I put in Macy then Annie then Sarah. I held Mia's hand while we walked out side. I could see the store. We walked across the street. We where walking in when Mia stopped. I looked back and saw her waving to two little girls. It was Sophie and her kids.

A/N: Okay I am sorry about the cliffhanger AGAIN. I want you to know Sophie is the winner. OR you could call her @FatHamster. So I will update soon.

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