Chapter Eighteen

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Hook's ship was exactly as I remembered, dank, dirty, and full of stinking pirates all in desperate need of a soap filled bath. Preferably one with a pound of bubbles.

I was drug aboard, Hook still pulling at my bindings with barely hindered glee. He was taking way too much joy from this experience.

His face was lit up with a bright mirth as his emerald eyes sparkled. The man basically skipped up the gangway.

It would only serve to make my revenge on him so much more sweeter.

I was roughly tugged across the deck, my socked feet barely finding purchase on the uneven wooden surface.

Hook wasted no time in pulling me into his captain quarters. I glanced around me and began to survey the oddly immaculate space.

It was unlike the rest of the ship in it's unorganized clutter that was the epiphany of the word pirate. No. The place was as clean cut and cold as Hook tried to keep his appearance.

The windows were squeaky clean without a single smudge, the books were perfectly even in their shelves, and the floors were swept clean.

But I looked past all of this.

I examined every inch of the medium sized space for any sort of weapon that could have helped me. None were to be found. All that was around were books, books, and even more books. It seemed the pirate captain had an obsession with reading.

I shoved that fact to the side and continued.

The next thing I searched for was a little less bloodthirsty than the first. And it was to my utter displeasure that it was.

An escape route.

I still had to escape, even if Pan and Tinkerbell wouldn't help Wendi and I get back to London. Even if the odds stacked against us.

But instead of a conveniently placed weapon or an opened window, I was shocked to find a certain blonde haired fairy lounging peacefully on Hook's now paper strewn desk.

I stepped forward with a shocked gasp as I took in her green leaf dress and cotton ball shoes. "Tinkerbell?" I questioned cautiously.

She looked up at me, her lips tilted up in a self-satisfied smirk. "The one and only." She said rather smugly.

I gaped at her. How could she be so nonchalant about this? This was not something easily forgiven or forgotten! Pan would...he would be devastated.

"W-what? Why would you-" I sputtered out to her, not a single full sentence bubbling to the surface. Why would she do this to Pan? They were supposed to be pals till the end! Everyone knew that!

Except for her.

Tink glanced behind me, her blue eyes flashing briefly before she returned them to me. I could feel her cyan orbs burning a hole in my face.

A second later, the slack of my rope became loose, and then the door behind me was slammed rather forcefully shut.

I jumped. I had completely forgotten about Hook and my evil, blood soaked plans of revenge.

Again, they would have to be put on the back burner.

Now it was just me and Tinkerbell. I was utterly alone with a traitor. A traitor in Neverland. A selfish traitor at that. A feat that was completely unheard of.

She continued to stare at me until I thought our awkward silence would never end. Tinkerbell let the tension thicken until I was sure I could cut it with a knife. Then, and only then, did she break the silence. She spoke up, her bell voice ringing out across the room. "If you are asking me why I am here, I believe you are the answer. You are the sole reason we are all here." Tink spoke calmly and unhurriedly as if these were mere facts that even the smallest child should know.

I stared at her a moment, assessing if she had actually lost her mind and had gone off the deep end or not. Or maybe I was the one who had truly and finally lost all sense with reality. I was running around with characters from a children's fairy tale after all.

I shook my head and stepped towards Tink. My eyes met her traitorous ones before my lips parted and words began spilling forth against my better judgement.

"Why does everyone keep saying that? I am the reason. I am the answer. I am different. There is nothing different about me! Nothing special! I'm as plain and boring as the next girl! As everyone!" By the end of my short speech, I had become pretty wired up. I took a deep breath that did nothing to cool my boiling anger.

Tinkerbell tried to fill the gap left after my rant, but I quickly cut her off. I had no use for the words her traitorous lips would spill forth. The poisonous beasts would fall on deaf ears anyway. Better for her to save her breath than to waste it on the stubborn likes of me.

I turned away from her and leaned against the solid door, my forehead pressed firmly into the wooden surface.

I had to find a moment to collect myself in this crazy mess called Neverland. Everything was changing way too fast.

Author's Note:

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