Not usual- Virgo(f) x Capricorn(m)

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Short story for @ neonpegasus44 one of the contest winners for my contest on my other book, The Zodiacs

Virgo sighed as she woke up at four in the morning. She had to be at work at six. Those busy men and women needed their coffee for their daily commutes. She stretched and hopped out of bed. She got dressed and left her small apartment at precisely 5:50 as usual. She walked down the street, trying not to get pushed over by those rude businessmen and their huge briefcases.

She arrived at the coffee shop at 6:00 precisely. As usual. She served the same men and women. As usual. Then the door swung open and she fought back a smile. As usual. A boy with dark hair and gorgeous hazelnut eyes walked in. As usual.

"The regular, please." He asked. As usual.

She got him his coffee and he sat down at a table.

Not. Usual.

Virgo didn't realize she was staring at him until one of her coworkers snapped his fingers in her face. She shook her head and smiled apologetically at a woman who was impatiently tapping her foot.

The boy finished his coffee and he gave her a larger tip than usual.

Not. Usual.

Virgo sighed. She would have to wait until he came back tomorrow. As usual.

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