"You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you."

- Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice

Candice POV

Eric didn't waste time to undress me and himself, in only seconds both mine and his clothes were sprawled on the apartment floor and our lips where reunited again. Eric picked me up and walked us over to the bathroom and in to the shower. Still holding me, he turned on the water and set the right temperature. The heat was rising and not just because of the water temperature. Our bodies where molded together and with my legs around Erics waist we proceeded to make out. With one arm holding me in place, Eric griped my hair with the other and pulled it backwards making me gasp in painful pleasure. I started to move my hips as he darted for my exposed neck and let out a deep grunt that vibrated on my skin. My arms were circled around his shoulders and my nails dug into his skin. Eric backed me up against the glass wall and followed my motions with his own hips. I don't know for how long we just teased each other but it was definitely a great work up as my loins were soaking wet— and that wasn't from the water that fell down behind us.

"Eric." I whispered in his ear with a somewhat desperate voice as I was trying to urge him to enter me.

I didn't have to say more as Eric grabbed his rod and entered me with ease—both let out moans of pleasure and soon our bodies started to move in a solid rhythm. As our bodies moved as one, Erics left a trail of kisses down my exposed neck and down to my breasts; meanwhile I was playing with his hair and loving every second of his tenderness. The rhythm of our moving bodies got faster and faster and I could feel an orgasm coming.

"Eric—I'm—"Eric hit the right spot, causing me to gasp out before I had the chance to finish my sentence.

"That's right, come for me baby!" Eric picked up more speed and I had my first orgasm of the evening. Screaming out as I came— Eric continued to pounder me until I had at least come twice more before he himself came inside of me.

With Eric still inside of me, we stayed foot—trying to calm down our breathings. When our breathings were back to normal, Eric slipped out of me and let me down on the floor. His hands caught my face and lifted it up to kiss me tenderly on the lips. He then smiled before turning around to grab a bottle of shower cream. I had forgotten that we had to be down in the dining hall soon, it was almost time for dinner.

After our intimate time in the shower, we both got dressed and headed out the door to go to dinner. We still didn't held hands as we both wanted to wait to expose our relationship to the faction until after the official announcement of my membership. As we got to the dining hall we split, him to the leaders table and me to my friends. They all cheered when I came over and moved aside so that I could have a seat next to Four and Theresa, who had joined our table along with Tori, Zeke and Shauna. We started to eat our food, Zeke was telling everyone the party that was being held later that night and that first round was on him.

Not long after we had started to eat, Max and the rest of the leaders walked up on the platform to make a speech.

"Listen up everyone! Usually Dauntless is not the ones for speeches but tonight we are going to do an exception."

"Today, our finial initiate took her final test to become a true member of Dauntless. An initiate who not only has fought her way through life, fighting through obstacles most of us wouldn't dream of facing, she has fought through fire and hell and most recently, a coma. But now she has come back to full recovery, and tonight she will stand before us as not just a Dauntless, but as a survivor and a true role model for what Dauntless is all about— bravery and courage. Come before us Candice; let us all know the woman who can't be killed. Let us celebrate your bravery and remind ourselves to be more like you." Max ended his speech.

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