"So when I come home I won't be coming here?" Olivia asked as she looked up at Emily in the kitchen. The very empty kitchen, because they were moving out today. Calum and Emily had done it over a month so they didn't have to move everything in one day and everything was already set up. It was pretty much ready, besides the odd piece of furniture. All of the rooms had been decorated how they had asked - and Olivia how got to pick her own bedroom decor and colour. Unsurprisingly it was pink.

"No you'll be going to that other house" Emily said as she spread nutella on a slice of toast for Olivia. "You remember you picked your new bedroom?"

"Yeah" Olivia said "Ellie has to come and see it"

"Yeah not today though" Emily said handing Olivia the plastic plate with the toast one.

"Thanks" Olivia said as she took the plate from Emily. "When can she?"

"I don't know Liv maybe the weekend" Emily sighed a little because she had little sleep last night due to the seven month old fetus kicking and coursing her discomfort. Olivia nodded in response before she walked over to the kitchen island and climbed on to it. Calum walked into the kitchen with Mason trailing behind him.

"When did you learn to do that?" Calum asked Olivia as she watched her climb on to the very high stool that she normally was lifted on to. Emily turned around to see Olivia sitting on the stool innocently eating her toast.

"Don't know" Olivia replied before she went back to nibbling onto the toast. Mason walked over to Olivia's chair and looked up at her before he squealed. Olivia paused eating to look down at him. "Go away" She said making Calum chuckle quietly.

"Livvy be nice" Emily said as she lent against the counter holding a mug of coffee.

"I didn't do anything!" Olivia protested holding out her hands like she was surrendering but it wasn't quite that signal.

"You okay?"Calum asked Emily as he picked up the mug of coffee that Emily had made him. Emily looked at Calum and nodded making him raise an eyebrow at her. "Didn't sleep well?"

"Nope" Emily answered with a small shrug as Mason ran over to her.

"Mama" Mason said looking up at her. "Yogurt" Emily looked down at Mason before she walked over to the fridge. Emily pulled over the only yogurt that she had and peeled off the lid before handing it to Mason who was already holding a red plastic spoon. "Fanks" Mason said before he sat on the kitchen floor to eat his yogurt. Calum was going to protest but he decided it didn't matter that much. Olivia managed to get down off the stool and walk over to Calum handing her an empty plate.

"Oh thanks I always wanted this" Calum said taking the plate off Olivia. Olivia smiled at him and rubbed her lips together.

"I wanna say goodbye to all the rooms" Olivia announced

"All of the rooms?" Calum asked chuckling a little making Olivia nod her head. "You better get on with it or you'll be late for school"

Olivia ran out of the kitchen and her small footsteps could be heard running up the stairs.

"Is Tommy still picking her up?" Calum asked Emily.

"Yeah I think so" Emily nodded picking up her phone to check if her brother had texted her but it was way to early for him to be up anyway. Mason stood up from the floor making both Emily and Calum look at him. He handed Emily his empty yogurt pot and the spoon.

"How much of that did you actually eat Mase?" Emily asked chuckling a little at the sight of yogurt covering the outside of Mason's mouth. Mason giggled at her as she bent down with a piece of kitchen towel to remove the yogurt from his face. "you're so messy"

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