3.First day of the rest of your life

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"He is nowhere to be found. He wakes up after lunch every day, he never attends any official appointment; he never shows up in the conference rooms. I think I heard him arrive last night, but he had a company. Female company. They were giggling annoyingly like they were doing it on purpose."

"He's quite a player. If you search the net, you'll see that he was dating supermodels, singers, Hollywood actresses, and socialites, but only for a couple of weeks or days. All of them were skinny and blond."

Of course, she knew. She had done some benign "digging" and as it seemed, the media were in love with the prince. Paparazzi were following his every step in clubs, charity events or even in football fields and he was always giving them the best material along with his dashing smile.    

"He doesn't seem that bad," Jade defended him. "Why don't you try to approach him?"

"And he will be delighted! He even warned me not to wander on this floor during the night, can you imagine? This doesn't sound logical to me, Jade. I sometimes think that they dragged me here, just to do his chores. I run all the errands while he simply has fun. He is supposed to become king in a few months. He has to involve somehow. Politics is a serious business."

"You are harsh on him now," Jade replied. "He might be tired from all these formal occasions. I mean, he lives there all his life. You have to learn in a few months, things he has been assimilating for twenty-nine years. Will he attend the coronation dance?"

"I have no idea..."

As soon as the conversation ended, Roselyn was overwhelmed by a peculiar taste of sadness

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As soon as the conversation ended, Roselyn was overwhelmed by a peculiar taste of sadness. Her whole life turned upside down almost overnight. A whole state was depending on her. Being in the spotlight was never easy. Although she was a golden heiress, she consciously abstained from the glamorous life and chose a different lifestyle. She accepted that role because she didn't want to displease her parents, but the task seemed impracticable. Deep inside she knew it was more. She had to sacrifice her own life. 

With a deep sigh, she looked around with an approving look. At least, the room she was given was simply dreamy.  It was luminous, cozy and elegant at the same time. There was a huge comfortable bed in the middle, a boudoir with a matching buttoned chair, all in a sweet creamy color. It was her sanctuary. When she was locking the door behind her, she could finally breathe and send away the anxiety. The only place she could actually be herself and not restrained.

Her chambers also consisted of a spacious living room, an extra bedroom, a luxurious bathroom and a dressing room. The closets inside it were huge and.... almost empty. Back home, she was used to wearing jeans and plain shirts all the time. Now, the protocol demanded formal outfits, strict suits or senile dresses under the knee, others had chosen for her. She was often criticized by the press about her appearances, but she was trying to do her best to meet everyone's expectations.  

The closet contained her gown for the coronation ball, which arrived yesterday. It was a miraculous one shoulder Ellie Saab gown. Red as fire, designed for her sake. And she actually liked it, because it combined simplicity and elegance. A renowned hairstylist visited her and suggested some ideas about that night. 

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