2 months - prolouge

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"Staff Nurse Masters, my office when you have a moment, please." Connie called out as she walked through reception of the ED, wearing her infamous Louboutins and blue coat.

Jacob looked up from the patient files he was reading over, frowning slightly. "What's wrong with Connie?" He asked Charlie, knowing that he was close to Connie, more than anyone else in the department

"I don't know. Speak with her maybe? She wants to obviously see you." Charlie shrugged quickly, walking off. Of course he knew what was up with Connie.

You see, Connie and Jacob were dating, yet Connie had to break it off, not wanting to lose her 11 year old daughter, Grace for her to go back to New York with her father, Sam. It was super awkward, and considering they were working together at Holby City ED, and they often saw each other around.

About 2 months ago, Jacob went to a conference on gun crimes and was so nervous that Connie went with him to calm his nerves from a handful of persuasion from Elle, and to help him with his speech. It was an overnight thing, meaning they had to stay at a hotel. Jacob, being Jacob had already booked a room, whereas Connie didn't, not knowing she was going with until she decided to on the day. Connie went to book a room, and unfortunately, there wasn't any left. Well, there was one, which was right next to Jacob's, and had an adjoining door. The pair still had feelings for each other, and did actually and up sleeping together. Coincidentally, Connie fell pregnant after their 'one night stand'. She stayed quiet for a while, and only told her friend, Charlie who she made to keep a secret from Jacob and everyone else.

She began to wear looser shirts which hid the small baby bump beginning to form, and was a lot more firm and agitated at work, and some of the other staff started to notice, gossiping that she was pregnant. Connie was sat at her desk when Jacob knocked at the office door.

"Come in," The girl called out, glancing up.

"You wanted to see me?" Jacob murmured and walked in, shutting the door after himself.

"Ah, Staff Nurse Masters. You're gonna want to sit down." Connie nodded and stood up, waiting for Jacob to sit while he did so.

"I wanted to talk to you about the conference. The night, actually." She sighed a little, picking up her bag which was underneath her desk. Jacob remembered exactly what had happened 6 weeks ago in the hotel room.

"Oh," The nurse said quietly, awkwardly scratching the back of his neck as he watched Connie reach into her bag then she pulled something out: It was a ultrasound, and a little white stick, which looked like a pregnancy test.

"The result of of that night." Connie said quickly, placing the two items in front of Jacob who just looked at them. He was right - a positive pregnancy test and a ultrasound, which had Connie's name written on the top of it.

"Are you serious? You're pregnant?" Jacob asked quickly and stood up, holding the white stick and the piece of paper while the clinician nodded, pulling her polka dot shirt down self consciously, like she had been doing since she found out. 

"Just under two months."

"And Grace?"

"She doesn't know. No one knows, you and I. And Charlie. He just guessed, and I couldn't hide it." Connie added, putting her phone into her pocket. "Grace is at home with the childminder. You can't say anything to anyone, Jacob. Not until Grace knows. Promise."

"I promise, I promise. Won't tell a soul." Jacob nodded, his eyes gazing to Connie's stomach. "You're growing already, Con. It's cute. Can I....?" He asked, reaching his hand slightly out towards the small bump when Connie nodded.

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