"Don't worry." He whispered into my ear as his lips went down my neck.

"I..." My voice cut off as I was over taken by lust.

He was quick to strip us down and soon I was naked and laid in front of him. The night went by and I was in pure bliss but never had I expected myself to lose my virginity to my best friend.

Well.. I kinda hoped that I would, after being friends for so long and being so close I started developing feelings for him and soon these feelings got stronger and then..

This happened, I made love to my best friend but now he's avoiding me.

After that one night, he left without a word and he's been keeping his distance, was I that bad? I actually thought I was fine, but maybe I was wrong. I started to doubt myself and I was so convinced that I did bad and that I repulsed him.

But what did he expect, the both of us were virgins we had no practice or whatever did he expect me to be a pornstar?

Well, I wasn't and I knew that it had nothing to do with that. Luke had been hanging out with a group of "trouble makers" all of them have tattoos and piercings and Luke had started getting tattoos and piercings-he was never into tattoos or piercings and now he suddenly changed?

I tried not to let that bring me down but it did.

One night, we were good and happy..

One night, we came up with the idea to lose our virginities to each other.

One night, we were lost in pure bliss that we forgot the world.

One night, my best friend changed and left our friendship behind him.

You'd think that after something like that, he'd realize his feelings for me and he'd ask me out or something but boy was I wrong.

He just changed, he became a totally new person within the three weeks of him ignoring me he slowly began to be covered with tattoos, he had gotten more piercings and he looked different.

He had attracted the girls and now all of them were swooning over him. His actions had started to hurt me and I couldn't handle it anymore why was he doing this? Well it's time for me to find out what he's hiding.

(Hey, it's my new punk luke hemmings story woo, bare with me okay, this wasn't what I expected but ill make up for it in the next chapter

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