~ Thirteen ~

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You're Worth the Risk

Their forty-five-minute travel from Athens to the town of Vouliagmeni in the Attica coast was so relaxing and breathtaking. As the urban setting in Athens disappeared from their view, the Attica coastline took center stage. It was almost unbelievable to see the beauty of the coastline --- blonde sands and unyielding sea views.

"Spectacular!" young Phoebe kept on musing as they travelled along the coastline.

Evan, while driving his hard-earned BMW convertible with a retractable hard top, glanced at the girl beside him once in a while. He couldn't help but smile at her. She appeared so excited and he was glad he took the risk of bringing her in Vouliagmeni. This was, for sure, a weekend to remember.

Wanting the girl to have a full view of the beaches they passed by, he made one click of a button and the silver car's whole roof opened up. Immediately, they both feel the cool wind on their skin.

"Wow! This is even more spectacular, Evandros! You rock!" she screamed, amidst her laughter.


"Oh, gods, this is so beautiful!" young Phoebe screamed when she was facing the beach where Evan brought her.

She knew Vouliagmeni was famous for its glorious beaches but she didn't know seeing the real Vouliagmeni beach was seeing paradise itself. Wearing sun glasses, printed loose top and short shorts, Phoebe ran barefooted on the sand.

Evan, with shades, t-shirt and cargo shorts on, followed the girl who was running to the water. He was barefooted, too.

She turned around and saw him coming after her. Phoebe got even more excited and headed to the water.

There were several people on the beach --- some were sunbathing, others were strolling or playing --- but both Evan and Phobe didn't mind those who were around them.

"Come on!" Phoebe yelled at him.

Indeed, Evan was fast and in no time he caught her up. Some strong waves came rolling towards them and Phoebe lost her balance. To help her manage her stance, Evan caught her wrist and immediately imprisoned her in his arms.

She was laughing hard as she clang her arms around his neck. Evan can't help himself but stare at the beauty in his arms.

"That was so fast!" she uttered. "So naughty of the waves, Evandros!"

Evan was silent because he saw total happiness in the girl's face. If he could only have all the chances in the world to make her happy...

Once again, series of sparkling waves rolled into their legs. He tightened his hold of her waist while young Phoebe was leaping like she was afraid of the water.

"So tickly!" she remarked. "Why's the wave so tickly?"

This time, Evan smiled at her childish antics. One more giggling act and he could kiss her right now.


Evan knew that this would be the first and last time that he could spend an overnight with Phoebe privately so he made sure that it was something unforgettable to her.

They rented a cottage villa to stay for the night. The villas were lined along the beach and they all looked a photocopy of each other due their uniformed style and color. They were all painted white which almost coincided with the blonde sands on the beach.

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