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Yato opened the doors and took a deep inhale. "The sweet smell of ice cream fills my nose! It smells wonderful," Yato commented with a bright smile upon his face. Hiyori stood next to him, a bright blush across her cheeks.

"Y-Yes! I agree," Hiyori replies. She drifted her vision onto the rainbow colored tiles; she didn't want to look at Yato. Yato looks at Hiyori and noticed the red dusted cheeks. His smile grew larger; he decided to embarrass her about it later on. Yato walked on, and the doors closed behind him; Hiyori was too slow to catch up to Yato. She took a step towards the ice cream shop and the doors slammed onto her face.

Hiyori yelped.

She didn't want Yato to know that she got tackled by a door, or he'll talk about it until next year. Hiyori rubbed her nose, as she quickly opened the door to enter inside; she didn't want to cause attention to go towards her, but, sadly, there were a few strangers gawking at her. Yato stared at her, the smile never leaving his face.

"What?" Hiyori asked. Yato snickered.

"So, we're just gonna pretend you got defeated by a door?" Yato questioned as one eyebrow raised. Hiyori opened and closed her mouth multiple times before answering. She thought he didn't notice.

Hiyori retorted, "I didn't get attacked by a door! I just..."

"You just?"

"I was just checking to see how firm the door was!" Hiyori answered.

Yato couldn't help but laugh which caused a few people to stare at him. "That's the oldest trick in the book," Yato said in between laughs. Hiyori kept quiet, and she scoffed.

"Let's just get ice cream," Hiyori said. Yato's laughs calmed down, but there were small giggles; Hiyori became happy that Yato agreed to get ice cream and ignore the situation.

They decided to share their ice cream. They got vanilla, but Yato wanted to add sprinkles and chocolate chips as toppings, but toppings costed extra; they didn't have enough money--or what Yato says.

Yato took Hiyori home while they both ate the ice cream together. There wasn't much talking going on between them, except for the time when they passed by the electronic store and saw the TVs. Coincidently, they showed a wrestling match, and Hiyori got excited.

They finally reached Hiyori's home, and Yato quickly finished the ice cream. Hiyori was slightly disappointed because she wanted more.

"That was fun!" Hiyori commented. Her cheeks weren't as red as before, and a big grin was on her face.

Yato nodded. Just before Hiyori turned around to open the door, Yato gave a small peck on her cheek; he ran away and gave a peace sign towards Hiyori.

"Let's go again next time!" Yato yelled out as he ran faster. Hiyori smiled.

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