Chapter 37

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"Fi-first kiss? But you said you had it when you were fifteen." He says confused and I shake my head sheepishly.

"I lied. I mean we barely knew each other then." I say and his eyes light up.

"Oh baby!" He says and pulls me for a hug while I blush at the nick name.

"Baby?" I ask.

"Baby." He confirms. "You mind?"

"I-um I mean.."

"Thought so." He smirks.

"I didn't say I don't mind." I point.

"Well.. you didn't say you mind either." He says and I scowl at him.
He laughs and I join him as he draws me into his arms again.

He pulls back and looks at me as if he can't believe I'm standing there, right in his arms. The way he looks into my eyes is as if he is lost in them. He kisses me once more, a chaste but sweet, toe-curling kiss and then cups my face as he always does, placing another kiss on my forehead. Something about this action feels so warm that I can't even come to describe it.

"But seriously how do you walk on that thing?" I say remembering my terrifying journey to his room.

"All part of the Xavier West package." He says smirking and I roll my eyes. I guess some things never change.

"You wanna go again?" He asks suddenly and I frown in confusion.

"Go again..where?"

"To your room, by the plank."

"You mean the death bar which almost killed-"

"Your over reacting. I can show you how to maintain balance."

"Nope. Not interested."

"Comeon Sam. Backing down from a challenge?"

"That trick is too common. Not working on me."

"Okay then. Then go back to your house from the main door after answering mom's questions." He smiles sweetly and I widen my eyes in realization. I can't go from the front door. Della didn't see me come here and she definitely can't know about the death b- I mean the plank. Especially not after today.

"Fine." I huff and Xavier grins in triumph.

"Come.' He hollers me and I follow him to the grill. He goes first, swinging his legs and standing on the plank like its the ground.

"Wait. What if this plank breaks..You know due to the weight?" I ask concerned.

"It won't, trust me. Its broad and thick enough." Xavier replies confidently while I'm still unsure.

"But what if I loose balance?" I try to make him change his mind.

"You won't. I'll hold your hand." He assures.

"Okay so um what if while we are walking a bird flies over my head, distracting me or you and we fall?" I ramble nervous and he looks back with an 'are you serious' expression. Well...okay then.

"Okay. I'm coming." I say, my shoulders slumping in defeat. I swing my legs and take his hand as I struggle to stand firmly on the plank. He takes a step forward with easy grace while I follow reluctantly. We are both going to die.

"Careful baby." He says as we walk slowly. The creatures in my stomach cause a havoc at his two word statement and that itself is enough to make me fall but I hold myself steady. The adrenaline rushes through my entire body as we approach the end of the plank. I stumble a step but he balances me easily. He jumps over my window immediately pulling me after him and I clash with his chest.

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