Part 5 Project Angels

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       Krux slowly touched his palm to the nearby wall. He wore a silver ring engraved with a miniature cross-sword angel which shone brightly as it emerged to the surface. The bricked wall waved into life, like a dripping drop of water. He penetrated his hand inside the wall and by the time, half of his body is lurging through. He gave me a hand and said carefully;

“Just close your eyes. I’ll admit this is the first time I will travel with a mortal. Stay close to me. Let’s just say it’s as easy as skydiving.”

      I cannot remember skydiving as an easy thing to say, but yeah, I hugged his tights not too closely but being more careful of accidentally touching his most sensitive part. Or so. I stepped inside the wall. I forcely shut my eyes, And then, things happened quickly. I felt my feet off the ground as we fall down from the air with extreme, soarful roar of the wind. Burst of air gone punching my chicks. There I am. Screaming for worse, My skin shivered as Kruxian’s hands wrapped me lightly but harshly at the same time. We are falling near.

          I stumbled to my knees as we launched to the ground. Krux catched me before I almost crashed my skull to the hard surface. Then, I opened my eyes, scared of being so frantic of what’ll see.

We are in a dark and ice-cold room. Only a circular whole was giving us a blue-green light. Krux carefully grabbed my elbows and guided me to nowhere.

 “Do you always do that?” I asked.

  “Mmhhmm, What? Catch a girl and save her life without waiting for her to thank me? Not really.”

  “Uh no, Not that. I mean, travelling through dimensional portals? How does it feel when done twice?”

 “Wanna try it again? I won’t mind if you do. Whenever we need transportation, One tap! And then we travel as easy as pie.”

“Oh I see… by the way thanks for saving my life. I owe you one.”

“awww… don’t mind. It’s my duty to save girls.”

“Huh! And what? Flirt with them!?”

He smiles at me wildly. The perfect smile I’d ever seen. Vampire style. My skin shivered as I felt something unusual. How could I even try to flirt with someone? Especially with him? Oh gosh. Collix, I almost forgot about Collix. I didn’t even visited him before.

The endless darkness subsided. A Clinical door lit our way ahead. Kruxian scanned on his pocket, he brought out a gray pass card with a golden seal in the middle saying “Projet Provided”. He slid the card to the sliding panel. The door opened. Rich Fog rose from the door.

“Ladies first.” He said in disguise.

I stepped in.

   Then something cling. A voice coming from the audio speakers aside spoke. “Welcome to the Defiance Headquarters.”

I propped my hand on Kruxian’s shoulder. “And… I guess you can explain what is that speaker announcing  to me right? For all you know, I been here too long and I still don’t make any sense of these.”

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