Part 4 Blood Red

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        I woke up in the midst of the sunrise atmosphere. Purple and baby blue lights covered up the entire room with the sweet aroma of garden flowers spreading through. Smells like home. I scratched my head and outstretched my back as I slumber up on the soft sofa I woke up lying at. Warm fiery smoke crumbles in the chimney. Mrs. Boufergourd watching her favorite catch up of CNN aside the fireplace.

"Glad you're awake eh?" She mocked.

"What are you talking about? Am I that far off from sleep?" I asked in disgrace.

       She slid up from her couch and gone to the kitchen. She came back with a bowlful of Burritos which she didn't seem to share with me. Which is also fine with me. She mumbles as she snatch up tomato sauce from the cabinet.

          "You didn't came by last night. You should thank that Credit card placed up on your chest when we saw you hours ago. If not by that, we could've thrown you outdoor while you're having your ugly rest."

          "As you say so madam." I made a face as I stumbled upstairs with my feet still feeling dizzy like I had been racing for a lifetime Marathon. Credit card, where did I get that Credit card?

And uhuh, I can't even remember why I'm late last night.


             I open up my room and scan for unusual assaults, but as usual, Nothing is ever changed.

             I lay on my bed and found Whisker-tounge licking his paws across the edge of my study desk. Then I stared up to the ceiling and went for nothing. Ideas. I don't have any idea. My eyes became even heavier when I hear my Alarm Clock rang.

        I swiftly took a shower and rinsed down my sweat-smelling uniform like an athlete's sock. And then I freeze. Blood stains are all over the sides of my uniform.

        Filled with horror, the cloth almost slid down from my held. My head feels soaked. Like a flesh drown in coal. Images of Stocky figures drifted into my mind. Two guys, a Blonde girl, Injections, and a veiny large arm choking me to death. Then there was a handsome face. Collix. Heads down. Lame and pail skin, like a cow drained down for milk begged for my hand. I fall to my knees. I tightly hold the mirror table for support. I blinked as many times as I can trying to erase out those vivid figures.

 I handed out my inner blouse and search for any serious cuts. But then there's none. My skin was fine and intact.

       I rush out of the house and took a Calbatross, a vehicle that looks more like a cab back in ages, but with no wheels on edges, instead, finite magnetite boosters on the shallow depth engines. I slid my  Citizenship Card that allows me to have an access in local transportation vehicles along our roads, then the windshield, sized enough to fit me in as an entrance, opens upward. The driver wore a plain white arm length toxido and sleeping pajamas. I sit in and tell the him to get me to my school.

       I glance at the side mirrors and stared for a moment as an over gazing red lane fragment moves quickly from west to east. I suddenly jerk the driver's shoulder and told him to stop.

         I get out of the cab and ran away following the red line which seems endless. I swoop and dodge every step of the way just to make sure that I can catch up with the marks and won't lose its tracks.

     I hardly pump to a wall as I overhead a catapult string with electric-blue light. A man on the roof is following and shooting gun rays behind me. Then there was two, three, four, and too many of them. I ran quickly as I felt my toes aren't already touching the ground. I'm the fastest stallion. I swift through streets as sweat filled my forehead. Then, there was the end of the mark. Intersecting a nearby wall at my back. Dead End. Dead meat. Dead me. The Assassin-looking-toxido squads with agency microphones and black Sunglasses are now holding and pointing the tip of their guns above my head. I put my hands up as what criminals do when they get caught. Then, I straightened as I hit the end wall at my back. All the men shouted at once.


I shut close my eyes and cover my face preparing for them to shoot me.

A moment later...

 Nothing happened. Then I slowly opened my eyes.

I shook my head as A man Half-smiling, half-smirking is standing back in front of me, Holding hundreds of slithering chains spreading from his amulet which is connected to the arms of all the men surrounding me like handcuffs. Guns down. Weaponless.

"Hey! Nice meeting you again lady. I bet you would like this trick." The guy told me in humor.

And then, he whipped all the Chains at once and let all the Toxido guys flew up in the air where they evaporated into dark smoking gasses. Then he turned his face to me.

"What The Hell is that!?" I demanded

"Easy, easy. Don't stress up yourself too much okay? Actually, I'm also going to ask that to you in the first place. How the hell did you managed to see the Fragrance if you are a mortal?" He asked.

"What???" Theoretically speaking.

"Fragrance. You see that red line that brought you here? Those  are supposed to be seen by only Ballisters. A rare and special ability. No one has ever been reported to have that power ever since. It serves as a guide track of where demonic activities are. If you saw it clearly...Then you must must be one of us." He pointed out.

"Seriously, I knew you weren't a human, you are a highly influenced drug addict I'd rather kick! Stop it! I'm done with jokes okay?" I crumbled.

"No, not yet. You can come along with me to prove to you my words if you want. If you want to know the answers." He showed up a little line of perfectly glossed teeth as he smiled at me and winked twice.

"Come to where?"

"At our Headquarters. Were my kind belongs."

"Do you mean a Kind as in Specie? If you aren't a human, what are you? And who are you?"

"I am Aled Kruxian. Project Seraphim. Son of a great Generel in the World War. We've met once, but you may not remember me. Call me Krux. That's my mortal nickname ." He bowed formally and dignified as he spoke. Then I take his hand and follow him to where he is heading at.

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