Chapter 2

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''We took out all of East and South side's other gangs. So technical, we run the whole East and West coast.'' Kiba said with a grin as he put up his legs on the couch and rested his head on Shikamaru's lap.

''Yeah but what about the rest of North and West side?'' Kyuubi asked as he sat down on a love seat couch.

''Guess who?'' Gaara and Neji said together as they sat down on the carpet of Kyuubi's living room together and Gaara had his head on Neji's chest.

Kyuubi sighed. ''Akatsuki.'' He growled.

''That reminds me. Has everyone been transfered to Konoha High?'' Kyuubi asked.

Everyone nodded.

''Why did you have to get expelled Kyuubi? Now the only school left is Konoha High were the Akatsuki goes.'' Deidara said and he said the word 'Akatsuki' in a disgusted tone as he sat on Sasori's lap on the carpet.

''Well what the hell am I suppose to do when some bastered touches Naruto's ass? Shake his hand and give him a medal.'' Kyuubi said in a sarcastic tone.

''No Kyuubi. But did you have to break his arm and his leg.'' Sasori said taking the side of his lover.

''Well the asshole had what's comin' to him.'' Kyuubi mumbled. ''Now drop the subject. I'm starting to get angry all over again.'' Kyuubi ordered.

Deidara and Sasori dropped the subject. When Kyuubi gave an order the gang was suppose to listen to it.

If you can't already tell, Kyuubi(17 years old btw) is a very over protective brother. His little brother, Naruto, was just to cute for his own good. Guys constantly flirt with him and Kyuubi constantly keeps breaking there body parts. Some idiots still don't get it that the price for flirting with Naruto is a couple of broken bones. Naruto is just so irresistible that guys didn't mind taking that risk. Naruto is just way to innocent and naive, that's what most guys love about him. Guys could tell him ''Hey sexy, wanna get fucked?'' and Naruto could go ''What does fuck mean?''. Keeping guys away from Naruto is a full time job for Kyuubi. Luckily, Kyuubi's name is getting spread like wild fire so word is getting around that Kyuubi is very dangerous as is his gang.

Suddenly, Naruto walked in the living room like he was a lost child. He was wearing a big over sized shirt that hung off one of his shoulders, like he would wear any other night. Tonight, this shirt was dark blue.

''Kyuu?'' Naruto asked in a cute angel like voice.

''Yes Naruto. Is something the matter?'' Kyuubi asked.

Naruto nodded. ''It's thundering and lighting outside.''

''Oh yeah. You don't like thunderstorms. Well you could come sit by me until you go to sleep.'' Kyuubi suggested.

Naruto's face lit up and he ran over to Kyuubi and sat right besides him and put his delicate feet onto the couch also and rested his head on Kyuubi's chest. Naruto always did this when he would be having a nightmare or having a hard time falling asleep. Every time he was with his big brother he felt so much safer. And just like that, Naruto was asleep.

''Awwww.'' The rest of the members of Jinchuurikis whispered together.

''Isn't he the cutest little thing!'' Deidara said in a harsh whisper. ''Can't I hold him Kyuubi?''

''No Deidara. He isn't a toy.'' Kyuubi snapped. ''Plus you'll wake him up.'' Kyuubi whispered looking down at his adorable little brother.

Then Kyuubi sighed. ''Another school with other guys that are gonna love to grab Naruto up.'' Kyuubi said in an irritated whisper as he stroked Naruto's soft blonde hair softly.

''Don't worry Kyuubi.'' Kiba assured. ''We're all gonna be there to protect Naruto. That's why we're all transferring with you to Konoha High, to protect each other. You can't break up the Jinchuurikis.'' Kiba said flatly as Shikamaru played with Kiba's hair.

Kyuubi grinned. ''Your right Kiba.'' Kyuubi said then he got up cradling Naruto in his arms.

''Well, I'm gonna put Naruto to bed. You guys should go to bed and get some rest too.'' Kyuubi suggested.

The group started to get up and walked up the stairs to there rooms.

This house was Kyuubi's and Naruto's mansion there parents left behind when they died. Kyuubi opened his home to his friends that just walked up the stairs because they helped him catch and kill their parents' killer. It's really like a big happy family. Naruto really likes the others and they really like Naruto. There all almost as protective as Kyuubi, almost.

Naruto blinked a couple of times then looked up to Kyuubi.

''Kyuu, where are we going?'' Naruto asked covering his mouth to yawn.

''I'm just going to put you back in your bed Kit.'' Kyuubi said with a sweet smile towards his little brother.

''Will you stay with me Kyuu?'' Naruto pleaded with cute wide eyes.

How could anyone resist that face. ''Whatever makes you happy.'' Kyuubi answered with a smile.

Naruto smiled back then his eye lids got heavier and he was soon asleep again.

Kyuubi smiled at how angel like and delicate Naruto looked when he was sleeping. Or awake for that matter. Keeping Naruto safe from perverts is a hard job, but like hell Kyuubi was gonna let them have Naruto.

Kyuubi walked up the stairs with Naruto in his arms to get some sleep, they all had a big day tomorrow.

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