VII: Give Me Love

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~ Isabel Montes's POV:

When mean, homophobic lady left the room, I started on a fit of laughter. I don't know why or what I was laughing at. So, for the past 2 minutes, I was laughing for no reason. I can tell that sooner or later, I'll be in some mental hospital or something.

I got dressed into my clothes from last night. Stupid Benjie and Kath dragged me to this stupid party that had to be stupid Lauren's cousin.

Well anyways, My head hurts.

I don't remember much, but I do remember the feeling of Anderson's yummy lips on mine. I admit, she was a good kisser. I smirked when I saw her visage when she saw me. I was shocked too that I decided to fall off the bed. Never in my life had I ever had an intention to kiss her. I have never even imagine of us being in the same bed together.

I chuckled and went into the bathroom stumbling a bit, and squirted toothpaste onto my finger since I couldn't find a toothbrush. After I 'brushed' my teeth, I searched for those pain killers in the medicine cabinet. I poured one onto the palm of my hand and exited the bathroom. The sucky part was that my head was on the verge of having little thunder sounds.

I pocketed my phone and descended down the stairs with my footsteps being heard as echos. This house was huge! Everything looked new and elegantly high priced. I bet they hired tons of maids to clean up after the party. There were no signs that a party had occurred. The floor was so shiny, it could pass as a mirror.

"Rich kids," I muttered as I reached the last step with a 'thump' sound. I looked up at the zenith, and I went dizzy for a moment there.

"Hey, can I have a glass of water?" I asked a maid who was dusting off the family portraits that hung on the wall. The maid is a lady in her 40s wearing a maid's outfit.

"Ahh, follow me," she replied. She guided me towards the elegant kitchen, and I found the girl that had came into the room earlier.

"Morning," she told me. "Have breakfast with me." The strawberry blonde shoved a a fork full of pancakes into her mouth.

"Morning, and sure, if you don't mind," I replied plopping my arse onto the chair.

The maid set a plate of chocolate pancakes and a glass of water in front of me. I tossed the pill I held in my hand into my mouth as I drained it with water. My mouth watered, oh so dearly, at the yummy food aroma.

"Stop staring, and dig in," she chuckled then wiped her mouth with a napkin

I looked at her. I didn't know her name. She must be really nice if she lets strangers stay and offers them to eat in her home. It's like she read my mind,

"Names Florence," she smiled at me.

"Isabel," I replied offering a smile back. I took the fork, and cuts bits and shoved the pancake into my mouth. I moaned at the yummy taste.

I heard giggling coming from that Florence girl. Where is Benjie and Kath anyways? Those evil ditchers!

"Anyways, how'd you get my cousin, Lauren, to get in bed with you?" Florence butted in, "Last time I checked, she is as straight as a 180° angle."

I pursed my lips into a line. Wow, they're cousins! What an unpleasant surprise.

"I didn't. It just happened as a very drunken mistake as she puts it," i tell her shrugging and continuing to shove food down my throat.

"Oh," she says then drinks her orange juice. "Anyways, Benjie and Katherine are your best friends right?"

"Yep. Kath just lives next door," I said, and poured whip cream all over the next pancake.

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