Kawaii~chan x zane

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I was sitting on the couch waiting for Aphmau to come back from Aaron's, I get a text from her saying "hey Zane...I'm sorry for not coming back...you can go home..I'm sorry. I'm staying the night here at Aaron's..so sorry" aph's text said. "Are you serious?!" I say almost yelling. "Is something wrong Zane~kun?" Kawaii chan says sweetly, "no, it's just that Aphmau is staying the night at Aaron's" I reply to kawaii chain. "Katelyn~sama isn't  coming home either...I don't wanna be alone here" kawaii chan says."then get michi-" I say getting a cut off as kawaii chan sits on my lap "can zane~kun stay here with me?" Kawaii chan says to me. I was blushing madly.
Kawaii~chan's POV
"can Zane~kun stay here with me?" I say to Zane. I see him blushing madly. I pull down his mask to kiss him.
Kawaii chan pull down my mask and kisses me, I kiss back. We pull back to get air
I pull back from Zane to get air. I pull off his shirt to reveal his six pack (kill me now..) I blushed. "Zane~kun.." I say. He takes off my shirt (*heavy breathing*) and I grab his hands and put them on my breast. "Kc..?" He says. "Yes Zane~kun..?" "Are you sure?" He says. "Y-yes I'm sure" I said. And undo his pants, I see a tent forming and I giggle "w-what?" Zane says nervously "hehe nothing~" I take off my skirt. I pull down zane's boxers (;-; I'm dying) and revealed his member
I pull down kawaii Chans panties and bra and put her on the couch and (😭) I rub my member on her womanhood, she softly moans. "Z-Zane~kun...put it in me..." She says softly "as you wish" I say and put my member into her womanhood. She cries in pain and I wipe a tear away from her face "shh...you'll feel pleasure soon..." I say and she nods. After on minute she gives me permission to start. I start slowly and start going faster. She moans loudly "Z-ZANE! GO F-FASTER!" She yells, I go faster and she moans in pleasure. After an hour (oml ;-; ) we reach our climaxes and I fall beside her "Zane~kun..." Kc says "yes kc?" "You didn't use a-" she says but I cut her off "shit...how are we gonna explain to everyone?.."
WHAT AM I DOIN WITH MY LIFEE?! Well anyways *stops and wipes away tears* how did you in joy my first lemon..? It sucks eh? Well anyways. Comment a x reader or something. BYE

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