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** 1 year later **

There's a light knocking on my door as I begin to wake up and soon after, I hear a light voice say, "Time to get up, Riley. We're leaving in an hour." Natasha pokes her head into the room and I groan.

"But it's so early." I begin to stretch out my body, tired from the restless night I had before.

"You can sleep on the jet. Get moving." I groan once more before rolling out of bed and walking to my closet. I rub my eyes as I absentmindedly grab the familiar uniform from its spot on the clothing rack.

It seems like I've grabbed this same uniform a million times off this same shelf in the past six months. It feels like just yesterday, though, that Steve convinced me to go on my first mission with the rest of his team. 

It was Steve who decided to try and help me. A year ago, he brought me here, despite having very little information on who I was or what I could do, and introduced me to Tony Stark. Tony was the one I connected with, the one I felt that I could actually share everything with. Everything I could remember, that is.

It was awhile before I actually admitted my powers to him, though. I had spent months before trying to hide them from people, only using them when completely necessary as to not draw attention to myself. I had to make sure I could really trust Tony before sharing that with him, and he helped me gain the courage to share what I could do with the rest of his team. I'm sure the Avengers already knew by the time I told them about it, but I wanted them to hear it from me anyway.

My combat was slightly sloppy at first, although whenever it really came down to it, my instincts were more than sufficient in protecting myself. Steve had me training with Natasha within a month of being here, he practically forced me to since all I did was lay on my bed most of the time then.

I slip my uniform over my body, which ended up being similar to Natasha's but with a gold color in a few spots on the sides. I chose the gold because it matches the color my power makes when I use them, plus it's also been my favorite color for as long as I can remember. Natasha helped me pick my uniform out when I was first able to get an "official" one. She told me it was comfortable and easy to move around in, and it's not like I had a whole lot of knowledge on the subject.

"Everyone ready?" Tony asks, standing outside the jet as I finally make my way into the room. I was the last one out, which is never really a surprise for anyone.

"Give me a minute!" Steve yells from the kitchen, throwing some snacks in a bag.

Tony rolls his eyes before saying, "You're the one who said an hour!" He gets a chuckle from a few people, including myself, before everyone loads onto the jet.

Clint takes the pilot position and Tony stands behind him while the rest of us take our seats. I sit beside Natasha and Steve runs in with his bag of snacks before sitting on the other side of me like he normally does.

We take off and fly for a few minutes before Steve stands up for briefing and his usual inspirational speech.

"Loki's scepter is being kept at a Hydra base in Sokovia. They've been trying to do experiments on it and we need to get it away from them before they can do any more damage." He continues on with the briefing, telling everyone who is going where and doing what before sitting down next to me again.

"No inspirational speech this time?"

"I'll do it when we get closer."

"In other words, you aren't prepared yet." I smirk as he just looks at me, not able to find an argument before just shrugging his shoulders. "Oh, wow. Captain America isn't prepared for an inspirational speech. That's a first." He lightly shoves my shoulder and I just laugh.

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