3. Travel Plans

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Sleep had not come easy as I replayed the whole 3 hour conversation.  At Jay's request, I hadn't got dressed, instead just wrapped a blanket over my shoulders.

"Have you done that before?"  He asked and I nervously chewed the inside of my mouth. 


"How did it feel?" 

I could feel myself blushing again. 

"Amazing."  I answered truthfully and he smiled. 

"It looked amazing Mia, I'd like to watch you again."  His eyes became dark as he looked from my face, down my body and back up.

"Do you have a passport?"  I looked to him in surprise and he raised an eyebrow as he waited for me to answer. 


"Good, you'll be needing it." 

"You want to take me?"  I asked, genuinely surprised and he laughed. 

"I wanted to take you from the minute I saw you, but when you told me your panties were wet, I needed to take you." 

"Oh."  I wasn't sure how to respond.

"How about you get yourself into bed now Mia and we'll talk again tomorrow?" 

I was disappointed to call it a night, but when I looked at the clock I thought it was a good idea.  "Okay."  I agreed.

"Tomorrow I'll tell you where we're going and what we're doing okay?" 

I laughed when I realised I hadn't even bothered asking, my thoughts had purely centred on spending time with Jay. 

"Yeah, I guess that would be good to know." 

"Good night Mia."  ""

"Good night Jay." 

"Mia?"  He said as I was about to disconnect.  "Please sleep naked, I want to picture you that way." 

Feeling bold, I slipped the blanket from my shoulders and smiled as he groaned.  "Done.  Good night."

I couldn't sleep any more, it was only early but my mind wouldn't shut down.  I was wondering if I'd gone too far last night.  Hell, of course I'd gone too far!  I had stripped for a complete stranger, I had pleasured myself while he watched and he could have taped it for all I know.  I could be the next poor girl loaded onto you tube.  I felt sick and made my way into the kitchen, looking for something to settle my stomach.

I glanced at my computer screen and saw that I had an email, the thought of opening it suddenly terrified me.

Good morning beautiful Mia
I'm hoping you wake up without regrets, but if you do, please let me reassure you that last night was amazing.  More importantly, last night was between you and me.  It was and will remain private.
So, if you're wandering around thinking you've made a huge mistake, be assured that it wasn't.
I could sit here all day speaking with you....and watching you play with your kitty ;-).  I'll call you at 9.00am your time.

The relief I felt was instant, somehow he'd known exactly how I'd be feeling and acted upon it.  I had the sudden urge to speak with him.  I took my iPad into my room and got comfy before calling him.

"Good morning, you're up early." 

"Oh shit!"  I suddenly remembered his time was 2 hours behind and if it was early here, it was really early there. 


"Oh god, I'm sorry.  I forgot about the time difference." 

He chuckled.  "It's fine Mia, I'm an early riser."

"Thanks for the email."  I said quietly as he sipped on a coffee, his eyes watching me intently. 

"I thought you might need the reassurance, was I right?" 

"Let's just say you prevented a full scale panic attack."  I laughed. 

"Mia, trust me okay?" 

"Okay." I answered. 

"Are you in bed?"  He asked as his eyes looked past me. 

"Um, yep." 

"What are you wearing?"  He asked and I lowered the blanket. 

"What you asked me to wear."  I said as I revealed my body to him. 

"I like that you did that for me, I need you to be comfortable with being naked, especially in front of me." 


"You have a beautiful body Mia, I don't want you to hide it from me."  He said simply.

"Why don't you get some more sleep Mia, I have some things I need to take care of, then I'll call you back at 9.00." 

"Okay, I look forward to it." 

"Me too Mia, chat soon."  He disconnected the call and I laid back and closed my eyes, a peaceful sleep claiming me.

"Did you get some sleep?" Jay asked when he called back.
"I did, another few hours. Did you take care of what you needed to?"

"Yes." The conversation seemed a little stilted and I wondered if drinking wine this early in the day would be acceptable.

"Would you like to know where we're going?"

"Sure." My smile hid the anxiety I was feeling.

"My sister is getting married in London, so we'll be spending 2 weeks there, then a week in Paris and a week in Bali before we return."

"Oh wow, wow, wow..." My mind was stuck in a loop, never in my wildest dreams did I see myself in London or Paris, especially with a man this hot. I imagined his chest glistening as he strode out of the water in Bali, the water droplets....

"Mia?" I cleared my head and looked at the screen sheepishly.

"Sorry." I mumbled as a flush heated my cheeks.

"Shall I continue?"

"Yes, please."  He smirked as if he knew where my thoughts had been. 

"2 weeks in London probably should have inferred 2 weeks with my family."

I tried to hide my unease behind a smile. For whatever reason, I had imagined us being alone. I think it's called romanticising. Or maybe wishful thinking. Maybe I'm just crazy? Not sure now. Anyhow, I held up my smile as I spoke. "2 weeks? Maybe you should tell me about your family then?"

When I saw him straighten, almost uncomfortably, my anxiety rose. I waited with sweaty palms and erratic breaths for him to speak. Finally, I saw him relax and his signature smirk return.

"I'll tell you next weekend."

"What?" I asked as the tension left my body only to be replaced by nervousness.

"Don't look so anxious babe. I want you to come here next weekend." I must have looked shocked and he continued.

"I don't want you to feel like I've invaded your space if I come there. So, I was thinking you should come here. We need to see if we're compatible face to face."

That made sense and it was something I hadn't thought about, so I nodded. Seeing it, he continued.

"We have things to discuss and we need to see if we're comfortable together." My bobble head kept nodding.

"If all goes well, we'll book our flights and work out our story."

"Our story?"

"Yes Mia. You'll be travelling as my girlfriend, we have details to work out."

"Oh." I felt deflated but knew it was a discussion we had to have. It was suddenly so obvious.

"So, maybe it's time you told me what we're in for. What is expected of me to fill this role of 'travel companion'? The role of your 'girlfriend!'"  I hid my anger and disappointment behind my smile.

"All in good time Mia."

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