Ch. 5 I'm Sorry

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Lunch was over, and Yuki walked Atsuko to her locker. Atsuko stopped walking, and her eyes narrowed, looking around feeling like something was off. 

" Miss Chouko?" Yuki looks at Atsuko with a worried expression.

Atsuko was about to say something, but she stops herself when she hears her name. Atsuko turned around, and she sees Kyo walking towards them. Atsuko blinks when she sees that Kyo is wearing an angry expression. Atsuko's eyes widened when she sees Kyo holding a purple book in his arms. Atsuko stays quiet while carefully eyeing Kyo because she wonders why Kyo has her diary, which is personal to her. 

Yuki looked at Atsuko, and he then looks at Kyo. Yuki's eyes narrowed when he sees Atsuko's diary in Kyo's hands. Yuki figured that the book belongs to Atsuko, but what angered him is seeing Kyo holding it.

" Stupid cat taking something that doesn't belong to you," Yuki angrily tells Kyo.

Kyo stops walking, and he glares at Yuki.

" It's the first day of your school and look at what you are doing. Being a thief, " Yuki glared at Kyo while standing between him and Atsuko.

Atsuko looks at Yuki and Kyo, and she could see that the air is becoming tense. 

" Yuki," Atsuko worriedly looks at Yuki's back since Yuki is standing in front of her. 

" Tch! Stupid rat. All you do is assume things and blame other people!" Kyo angrily shouts at Yuki.  

" Kyo!" Atsuko calls out to Kyo, and she annoying sighs when she sees that the two boys are ignoring her.

" Blaming other people? Oh please, look who is talking. All you do is blame others whenever you do something wrong" Yuki annoyingly rolls his eyes. 

" THAT'S IT! YOU ARE DEAD!" Kyo angrily shouts at Yuki. 

Atsuko eyes widened seeing Kyo charging towards Yuki with a murderous expression. Atsuko's body started to shake in anger. Atsuko immediately sees that boys' behavior is childish and that it needs to stop.

" You two. STOP THIS NOW!" Atsuko angrily shouted. 

Atsuko walked around Yuki, and she stands in the middle with both her arms out, placing her hands on their chest. Kyo's eyes widened, feeling a strange sensation hit his chest as his arms fell limp, dropping the diary onto the ground. Yuki stood still looking at Atsuko who had her eyes close, looking angry.

" Miss Chouko, " Yuki whispers. 

Atsuko opened her eyes, and she brought her arms to herself. Atsuko's eyes widened, seeing Kyo falling to his knees and holding his stomach in pain. 

" K-K-Kyo," Atsuko stutters while looking at Kyo with a worried expression.

Atsuko turned around to look at Yuki with a frightened expression because she is scared that she'll get in trouble for hurting Kyo.  

Yuki gently placed his right hand on Atsuko's head, and he then looks down at Kyo. 

" Don't worry Atsuko. I'll take the cat home. Tell the teacher that Kyo has fallen sick and that I'm taking him home," Yuki tells Atsuko. 

Atsuko nods her head still feeling worried about Kyo since she isn't sure what exactly happened since she had her eyes closed. Atsuko quietly watched Yuki carry Kyo over his shoulder, and both boys walk out of the school building. 

An hour later, Yuki and Kyo finally arrived at the Sohma house. Yuki was about to enter their home, and he stopped walking when he felt movement. Yuki turns his head back, and he sees that Kyo is now awake. Yuki then drops Kyo to the ground, and he glares at him. 

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