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PRINCE: tell me! please?

NAE: no ! its embarrising!

PRINCE: come on its only me! (poking her side) ill be your best friend!

NAE: (laughing) your my boyfriend! 

PRINCE:( having a slow moment)  wait- yo-you know what i meant! 

NAE: (laughing hard) hahahhahaha ! okay okayokay! 

PRINCE:okay soo whats your most embarissing moment??

NAE:okay so when i was a kid i was in dance class and i had a solo sooo in my routine i had to do this (got up and stood infront of the bed and spinned around and then acted as if she flipped up her skirt) so as i did that i had a big whole in my shorts and i didnt know and it showed my pooh bear under wear. and the boy i liked was in the same class as me and he was on the side and he could see the hole. so while i was trying to show off in streaching for him i rippd my shorts. ( goes and lays back down on prince stomach)

PRINCE: (laughing hard) awww thats adorable ! 

NAE: i was 9 with pooh bear underwear!

PRINCE: that happend to this girl i liked to i felt bad the strange thing is that i was the same age and it happedned something like that too. who was your dance teacher?

NAE: ms. mo mo . her real name was monique she was think with long her and she had a bang and she was dark skin.

PRINCE: no way my teacher name was the same. wait then that means we went to the same dance center! no wonder why you looked so familiar!

NAE: wow thats crazy! i rememeber you gave me that ring pop as a ring when you said we would be best friends for ever.

PRINCE: (going in a daze) yeah i was in love with you. the way your baby hair swept to the side of your face. everything. you wasthe second best dancer in that class.

NAE:  and who was the first ?? 

PRINCE: me! (laughs)

NAE: pssh! nigga please you had no cordination (laughs and looks at her nails)

PRINCE: oh really? (starts tickling her )

NAE: PRINCE1 PR-PRINCE! STOP! HAHAHA( laughing raally hard)

PRINCE; okay okay .

NAE:(calms down and looks up at prince and smiles) i love you jacob.

PRINCE; i love you with all my heart jonae.

NAE; (baby crys) waaaaaah give me a kisss! (pokes lips out)

PRINCE: (pokes lips out and leans down and kisses her)

NAE: ( pulls away) prince?

PRINCE: yeah?

NAE: its time....

PRINCE: (gets up and gets on top of her and start kissing on her neck)

NAE: (moaning but stops and giggles) prince what are you doing?

PRINCE: (kiss) you (kiss) said (kiss) you (kiss) were (kiss) reddy( kiss)

NAE: yeah to tellyou what ive been through.(gently pushes him off) rmember we was at the beach and i told you i would tell you. well im telling you now.

PRINCE: oh yeah. well shoot.( runs his fingers throught his afro (soo sexy!))

NAE: well lets start off at that my father use to abuse my mom. when i was little. then she got with this other guy whitch is my lil sis and bro's dad. but i had three older brothers. one 2 i loved and 1 ihate. i hate him because heuse to touch me and made me do things i didnt want.( starts picturing it in her head and starts tearing) and no matter how many times i said no he still got his way . but any ways my mom went to jail and i had to stay with my aunt and uncle me and my bro . the cool thing out of all this we were split up in twos and the two had the same letter in the beging of our yeaah but then she came out and i lived with her for a bit but then there was a horrible accedent. my mom was drunk and got into a car crash and killed her so i eneded back with my uncle and then my bro came back adn tryed to do what he did before but i was bigger now and told my aunt about him now we have a restairning order aganist him. and now were here.