[Jon Snow] Breathe me pt 2 {Imagine}

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I am so sorry guys, i'm sorry for the lack of updates i'm sorry to the people who have requested and I haven't got too. I am soooo sorry, if you read any of my fics you know I suck at updating I take forever because I have to be in the right mood for certain fics and for me I have all these fics to write and have literally planned out entire stories it's typing it out that stuffs me. Anyway I've got another request to write after this one, if you read the got pref and imagine i've written myself that I haven't updated in forever is because I just haven't been feeling these game of thrones stories anymore. I don't even read Game of thrones fanfiction anymore but I'll keep updating this as much as I can and hopefully i'll update my own eventually too. It doesn't help that I do NOT find these boys attractive anymore if you wanna know who I find attractive now. My main two that I have a massive crush on are Denis Shaforostov and Alan Ashby they are just so perfecttttt <3 I can't do heart eyes on here hahah!

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The sound of your heels clicking against the empty halls of Winterfell is all that can be heard this early in the morning. It's been very hectic it feels like it's been too long since you've actually connected with your boyfriend Jon hell you haven't even had the chance to tie the knot. After you admitted you loved each other in the most passionate way and realized you loved each other, time flew by and you didn't hardly do anything about your new relationship. 

Discovering the baby growing inside of you two days later then after that it got hectic, Sansa found her way to the wall and all three of you reunited. Sansa was overjoyed to see two members of her family again and you can imagine why after not seeing anyone but Lannisters and Boltens etc everyone she hated for years it would drive you knuts too. Not even a day after Sansa found the two of you Ramsey sent a letter from Winterfell demanding his wife back or Rickon's death.

The sad thing  is you actually believed you would get Rickon back...
You sharply intake a breath as the memory floods back you can still hear the arrow slide through Rickons flesh and the gasp as he falls to the ground dying the life leaving his eyes and you will remember it forever.

This morning was cold but showed promise on the horizon now that the Starks had reclaimed Winterfell and Jon was crowned king of the North. Sansa pointed out that you would be queen of the North you laughed and said it was stupid but everyone stuck by it. You push open the heavy brown oak door to the dining room, your two year old daughter Emma sits with her tiny arms around Ghost giggling as he sniffs her face.

Her bright blue eyes light up as she sees you her black hair framing her face perfectly, "Mummy!" she squeals leaving Ghost and sprinting to you as fast as her little legs would take her, you laugh and open your arms for her Ghost padding along closely behind her protectively. Sansa steps in after you smiling at Emma before sitting at the table "morning my lady" you say politely "morning my queen" she responds you scoff rolling your eyes, "i'm not a queen Sansa" you remind her.

"You are!" Jon interrupts wrapping an arm over your shoulders and pecking your forehead, you smile gently a giggle erupts from Emma as you look down to see her clinging to your leg. You can't believe how lucky you are!

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