Getting Situated!

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Your Point of View:

I watched as Gaara consumed the sauce covered noodles with chopped up ground beef that littered the dish. He ate ferociously, like if he hadn't eaten for months. I wondered if that was the case, considering I didn't know how long he was locked up in such a tiny gourd. This was my "second serving" of spaghetti. I had eaten the first plate but went back for more, telling my mother I was extremely hungry after she gave me a startled look. I never ate more than one plate but I had to get a second plate for my new friend. His form was small and frail, his collar and cheek bones visible to anyone who laid eyes on him.

He stopped eating midway, his head craning to swallow the chunks of food he held within his mouth. He looked like a chipmunk with his puffed up cheeks, I couldn't help but giggle.
He noticed my little fits of laughter and looked at me, a hint of blush seeping into his cheeks when he realized what I was laughing at. His predicament only grew as he tried forcing the food down his throat, slightly choking from all the chunks of the Italian dish.

"Hey, hey slow down! I don't want to lose my new friend!" I exclaimed, still giggling.

I pushed a cup of water that I had previously drank from towards him. He was about to drink from it until I interrupted him.

"Chew first, if you don't grind your food, your stomach won't be able to digest it properly."

He nodded and chewed his food for a good two minutes, then he began taking in gulps of water. As he put the cup down to resume eating, I began to explain to him how things will start to work from now on.

"Okay, so here's how we'll be doing things. I'll sneak in what food I can from the kitchen when you're hungry, you just need to let me know when your appetite builds up, we can't afford my mom or dad walking in and hearing a stomach growl that's coming from underneath the bed. We'll begin your first speech lesson right after you're finished, I really want to know where you came from so the sooner the better. Another thing is that I start school on Monday, so we have two days to get ready for that. I would love to take you with me but I'll have to carry you inside the gourd."

As soon as he heard my last sentence he abruptly stopped eating and shot his head up in my direction. A concerned expression written across his thin face as he shook his head quickly.

"You don't want to go inside the gourd?"

He shook it once more.

"It'll only be when I'm at school, I promise. I-"

"P-P-pl...e-e-ea....s-se," he pleaded.

I lowered my eyes, contemplating on what I should do. If I leave him here the chances of my mom walking in and finding him are pretty high, she usually comes in to pick up a bit while I'm gone. My dad never comes in unless I give him permission so my mom is the only one I have to worry about. However if I take him with me to school, I can carry the gourd with me with ease. My only concern would be someone stealing it from me, the mere thought made my heart skip a beat. If Gaara lay in the wrong hands, I couldn't even begin to imagine what would happen to him. I was cornered at this point, I was probably overthinking things but I didn't want to lose my new precious friend.

If anything I would rather my mom finding out about him than someone taking him from me. Of course I'm still going to try to prevent my mom finding him from happening to the best of my ability, but if Gaara can learn to evade or hide himself...

"Gaara can you hide yourself?"

Before nodding, he finished up the rest of his meal.

"Can you demonstrate for me?"

He nodded again and stood up from the floor we were sitting on. He walked over towards my closet and opened it, then he walked inside and turned around to look at me.

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