Chapter 18

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Bella POV

I jump down from the roof top and feel the wind rustling my hair.  I swiftly land onto Stiles blue jeep  before hopping off the hood and placing my feet down on the concrete.  The car doors open up and out comes Derek and Stiles. 

"That's so cool."  Stiles lets out a breath of disbelief. 

"You told her?"  Derek asks in a frustrated tone. 

"I tell her everything, and besides I figured we may have needed some witchy back up.  And since Cody is with Scott at the game right now, Bella is our only option."  Stiles replies. 

"Good to know I'm number two Stiles."  I say to him before sticking my hands in my jean pockets. 

"I'm going to go in there now."  Stiles says pointing to the hospital wing as Derek shoots him a death glare.  "Oh god."  Stiles mutters out as he scurries into the hospital. 

"You don't have to scare him all the time."  I say to Derek. 

"He's annoying."  Derek says as he steps closer to me so that our chests touch. 

"You're about to say it's too dangerous right?" I ask as I stare up into his dark brown eyes. 


"Good because I would beat your ass if you did." I joke, Derek leans in and plants a soft kiss to my forehead. 

"I love you."  Derek says softly as he pulls me into an embrace.  "And I hate you for it." 

"Same."  I say back to him just before his phone begins to ring.  Derek pulls out his phone and answers it.  He listens to who I assume is Stiles for a bit before frowning. 

"What do you mean you can't find her?"  Derek asks Stiles into the phone. 

"Look ask for Jenifer, she's been looking out for my uncle."  Derek says, he listens again then lifts his head up in surprise. 

"What?"  Derek asks in shock, I watch as his face fills with realization, "Stiles get out of there right now, it's him he's the alpha."  Derek says and I instantly pull away from him and begin sprinting to the hospital doors. 

"Bella, wait!"  I hear Derek call out. 

"He's my best friend Derek, I'm not letting him die."  I say before slamming through the front doors and turning the corner.  I rush down the hall and pull myself to a stop as I see Peter Hale standing in the distance with his nurse standing right in front of me.  I grab the nurse by her white collar and I shove her head into the brick  wall.  I step over her body as she falls unconscious. 

"Hey she's my nurse."  Peter says. 

"She's a psychotic bitch helping you kill people."  Derek says as he steps to my side.  "Get out of the way."  Derek says to Stiles. 

"Oh god."  Stiles whimpers as he crouches down to the ground. 

"Oh dear its the happy couple."  Peter says with the tilt of his head. 

"Wait, what?  Oh god really."  Stiles says with a look of confusion. 

"You killed Astrid."  I growl towards Peter. 

"Oh was that her name?"  Peter asks, I let out a low breath before charging towards Peter.  I reach him before moving  my hand back to give him one hell of a punch.  Peter dodges my hit before grabbing me by the throat and pushing me up against the brick wall.  I hear Derek growl and I watch as he charges to the alpha.  Peter stretches out a hand with ease which sends Derek flying into the desk behind him. 

"Now little Anabella, you are my favorite dear."  Peter's voice sends shivers through my body, "You have so much power packed  in that little body of yours." 

"Shut up."  I mumble as I try and pull Peter's hand away from my throat. 

"Oh but you can't do anything to me now.  Not while I have my little gadget up and running."  Peter says.  "It lets out sound waves that only witches can hear, like a coven would do on a full moon.  Except these sound waves block your magic so you are dwindled to a little human." 

"That's what you did at the school."  I say. 

"At the school, at the library where I killed your little Valentina."  Peter admits. 

"Why? Why are you hunting us?"  I ask him. 

"Oh it's not just me, everyone with a sense of brains either wants your coven dead or on a dissection table."  Peter says.  


"Because you can take away our power, the power of any supernatural being anyways.  Your coven, long time ago was  the first to create a werewolf.  And you know the saying, what you bring into this world you can take out."  Peter says.  "But now that you know that, I'm going to have to kill you.  It's a shame too.  You are very beautiful." In a split second Peters other hand flies up and connects with my stomach.  I let a scream escape my lips as I feel his claws move through my insides and graze my heart. 

"No."  I hear Derek's voice faintly as my world before me begins to blur.     

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