Chapter One Hundred Sixty Two

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Shortly after the patronus vanished, all hell proceeded to break loose inside the wedding tent. Death Eaters suddenly stormed the area, wands ready and attacking members of the wedding party. Anora and Charlie's first thoughts immediately became to get Stella and Eliza to safety. Anora was the first one to reach the girls after being able to dodge fleeing members that were racing around completely scattered and frazzled. Lifting up her children in her arms, she could see her father in the distance helping her mother up to her feet. They seemed okay, as Gerald told Anora to get out of there with the girls as soon as possible.

Before Anora could even think of apparating, Charlie reached her side and quickly apparated with them escaping from the chaos that would continue long after their departure.

Charlie held Stella close to him with his arm wrapped around Anora's waist as she retained a tight hold on Eliza as they arrived a little ways from Anora's parent's home.  The twins cried loudly as they held onto their parents that were still in a bit of a state of shock from what they had just witnessed back at the Burrow.

Charlie could feel Anora's body shaking as she tried to comfort a crying Eliza who had woken up due the disturbance. For the first time in so long, he saw clear on her face, something he was certainly not use to seeing. This was the same woman that hardly feared staring down a dragon in a field, and never once second questioned a late night trip into the Forbidden Forest when they were younger. But to see her nearly on the verge of tears as she tried to calm down one of their daughters nearly broke Charlie's heart.

"An...' he removed his hand from around her waist and lifted it up to run it over the top of her head, bringing her into him. "It's okay. Everything is okay."

" apparated us out of there." she said finally looking up at him. 'You really did it, with no problems."

Charlie looked around and realized she was right. It must have been the pure adrenaline to keep his family safe that drove him to apparate properly without any mistakes.

"Well..I wasn't about to let you all get hurt." he said.

Suddenly, Anora dragged him down towards her into a hard kiss, pressing the twins up against each other.

"I love you so much." she whispered against his lips. 

"I love you too. I love all of you."Charlie said before kissing her again and then kissing the top of Eliza's then Stella's head.

Suddenly, they heard the door open to the house down the street and Simone and Gerald came running over towards them in the middle of the dark street.

"Are you two alright?!" Simone immediately pulled her daughter and granddaughter into a hug while Gerald checked to see if Charlie and Stella were okay.

"Were you two hurt?" Gerald asked.

"No,we're fine. We're all fine." Anora reassured them. "A bit shaken up but we're okay. Are you two okay?"

"Yes," Simone answered. "I...I was knocked over but nothing happened."

Anora looked down the empty street.

"What about everyone else? We need to go back and help them-"

"Anora! Stop right there!" Gerald told her sternly. "Right now your thoughts need to be on these two."

Anora's eyes fell on her children.

"They need you...they need you to stay here with them. Not putting yourself in danger. You two are parents now and your main concern should always be your children, do you two understand?"

Charlie and Anora nodded.

"We will figure things out, but you two need to remain safe for the sake of your children."

While the younger adults listened, they didn't seem all that fond of the idea, especially since Charlie's entire family was involved in the whole thing. He wanted to make his parents, his brothers and his little sister were okay. He couldn't bring himself to sit down as Anora watched him pace back and forth.

Finally, Arthur's message came through to assure the two that everyone was okay back at the Burrow. Ron was able to escape with Harry and Hermione, everyone else was safe, the only person who had received a harsh attack was Nixie as she was attacked outside of the wedding tent without her wand on her.

"Merlin..." Anora muttered shaking her head. "I'm sure Sirius is out for blood right now...I can't believe that..."

Charlie stopped and looked down at Anora and then down at his daughters.

"We can't stay here, Anora." he said. "I can't risk anyone coming after us or trying to hurt any of you three. What your father said is right, my main concern is you three. I need to keep you three safe right now."

"So does that mean we're...we're going back?" Anora asked him.

"Yes, we need to go back to Romania."

Anora smiled. "And get a good start on Norberta and Roscoe's training." she added. "Next time the Death Eaters come around their going to wind up with severely burned arses!"


"Oh...butts. I meant butts."

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