Chapter Eighteen

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I wake to a knock at my bedroom door followed by a loud groan. My eyes blink open and I squint against the light pooling into my room from my large bay window. As I slowly sit up from my bed, I smack my lips and cringe against the taste.

Why brush your teeth at night if you're going to wake up tasting like death?

"Raine," my brother calls, muffled by the door. His voice sounds strained and I can picture him massaging his temples with a massive headache.

Hangover's are a bitch, or so I've heard.

I throw the covers off of my body and place my feet on the floor, recoiling them from the chill that runs up my body. I slowly lower them back to the cold floor and thread my hands back through my comforter as my eyes lazily trail to the clock on my bed.

10:07 AM

I sigh and stand up, wiping my eyes as I do. I'm usually up about this time anyways. My feet carry my towards my door and I open it to reveal Toby in his clothes from last night. His hair's a mess, his clothes are all flustered, and he still reeks of beer.

"What?" I deadpan.

"We're out of Tylenol." He mutters, closing his eyes tight as his head pounds. He massages his temples and lets out a deep groan.

I raise a brow. "No we aren't. I bought some just last week."

"Then where is it? My head feels like there are a thousand people hammering it." He groans.

I walk past him and into our bathroom. I open the cabinet and search through all the pills until I find the new Tylenol bottle. My hand lifts to take it from the cabinet and I toss it to Toby.


His face floods with relief and he smiles gratefully at me. "Thank you, sis. I don't know what I would do without you."

"I know. Now I'm going to make breakfast, is Gray still here?" I ask, walking out of the bathroom and towards the stairs.

Toby nods. "Yeah, I think he's still sleeping though. I know better than to wake him up after a party."

"Well wake him while I make breakfast." I sign.

"I literally just told you that I wasn't going to do that." He says, skipping down the steps after me, lifting a hand to his head when he lands on the floor.

I turn to face him. "And?"

He groans but does as he's told, and when breakfast is ready, the both of them are sitting at the counter, hungrily awaiting their bacon and pancakes.

"Eat up." I sign as I place the plates in front of them.

"Thank you, Raine! You are literally the best." Gray says, giving me a large smile.

"Yeah, thanks sis." Toby says, giving me a smile of his own.

They wolf down their food along with me, and when they finish Gray takes our plates to the sink.

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