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Inspiration #wpcontests

I had so much fun pitching  the Sun Kissed Fantasy Anthology by RebeccaSky, that the experience has inspired me to add a pitch contest chapter to Cliffhanger Castle. If your story is chosen, you will win a copy of Feeding Frenzy which is being published this fall, plus the chance to add your story to Cliffhanger Castle. Do it for the glory, the experiment, the virtual cheese cake! Yes, I will send you my very best digital cheesecake if you win. ;-)

Cliffhanger Castle Needs You!

Cliffhanger Castle Needs You!

Cliffhanger Castle needs an update and you are just the person to write it. Pitch me your best ideas to get our heroes out of trouble at the start, and into worse trouble by chapter's end. Your chapter should work with the existing characters. Your finished chapter should be roughly between 500-2000 words but it's the ideas that matter most. 

Unlike most anthologies which contain stand-alone stories, this anthology makes a single, complete story when the chapters are read together. Pro Tip: Read the previous chapters before pitching your chapter idea.

Pitch Format:

Chapter Style: Just about anything goes as long as you keep it clean and gore-free. (paranormal, horror, realism, absurdism, romance, fantasy, stream-of-consciousness/experimental, literary, hard boiled, SF etc.) Just add your pitch to the comments. Contributions in excellent English welcome from all countries. 

Resolution to cliffhanger ending of previous chapter: 

A few plot ideas for the middle of the chapter:

Cliffhanger or revelation to end your chapter:

Bonus: Add a link to a sample of your best writing 

That's it, pitch me your chapter idea. I will run the contest for the months of July and August, or until I have a winning idea. Once there is a winner, she/he will be announced here and on social media.

Happy writing!

Attention readers:

Please spread the news of this contest on social media inside and outside Wattpad. The more pitches received, the more there will be to choose from. We all want the next chapter to be stunning! 

Happy writing -- Maaja

Still there? Don't leave without hearing about the latest, greatest summer anthology on Wattpad! My contribution is a tragic comic fantasy story inspired by a skunk.

Sun Kissed Fantasy Anthology

If you are interested in reading the anthology, my story is called "Kidnap My Heart: Sometimes Death has a sense of humour." There are stories by a whole raft of good writers in there. Here is the lineup:

Distant Dreamer @E.Latimer @Rebecca Sky @ConstantSound @Janine Mimi @WillWrite4Tacos

@MaajaWentz @KarimSuliman @Kelly Anne Blount @ Michael Weekly @AdelynAnn @KevinaOyatedor

@AmberkBryant @MarionAvalon @letstwistagain @NikkiS @crossroad @ACheairs @LaviniaLeigh

@Night_Lights19 @John_Chan @SallySlater @JohannaHefer @Iwritevariety @Krazydiamond

@Ysa_Arcangel @JoanneWeaver @Janera14 @LDCrichton @JessicaBFry @LynnS13 @greatblueheron

@GregCarrico @ShaunAllan @CourtneyKae @BrittanieCharmintine @GabyCabezut @Lucyface

To find the Sun Kissed Fantasy Anthology without searching, go to my profile and click on the book with the purple cover in my library.

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