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Jeff's POV

"So little Jeffrey why don't we start off with some basic rules."

"Ok." I said trying to keep from yelling.

"Rule one is you will not go anywhere without my knowledge. Do you understand this Jeff?"

"Yes, but I have a question for you."

"You may now ask questions."

"Why the hell am I here!" I half yelled

"Rule number two is no swearing and your here because you found my note."

"What note? Bitch." I said that last part in my head.

"Oh my little note you found in the woods with the X and O on it. Also I thought I told you no swearing."

Then the slenderman started creeping towards me with his tentacles out.

"Jeffery you will have to be punished for that."

"What no leave me alone!" I practically yelled like one of my victims would.

"Rule three is you can no longer refuse me. Understand?" he said while getting closer and closer to me.

"Gahhhhh just go away! Let me be!" I was at the point of trying to cut off his face, but he doesn't have one.

When the slenderman finally reached me he had his tentacles start removing my clothing.

"Stop!" I grunted

"Oh, but Jeffery I'm not the one who broke a rule here so why punish me?"

The mans tentacles had successfully removed my hoodie and pants now all I had an were my boxers. The way slender looked at me you could tell he had been around the block a few times whereas I was still a virgin.

"What's wrong little Jeff you've done this before haven't you?"

When I didn't answer him he just started to laugh.

"Then I'm going to make this the best possible experience for you instead of fucking you like I would for a punishment."

"You make no sense to me slendyman, but if its my body you want you can just piss off."

"Jeff I don't think you understand I own you."

That's when my neck felt like it was on fire, and a tiny curse mark that looked liked the one I saw on the note appeared right on the nape of my neck. As soon as the pain was over the slenderman took off my boxers and wrapped me in his warm tentacles.

Warning Sex

"Please stop!" I yelled in one last chance to get away.

"Humm let me think about it...No." Said the slenderman with that damn cocky attitude of his.

His pant were already discarded and he had taken his tie off somewhere. His tentacles had made it impossible to get away. Leading us to the bed he laid me down and tied my hands above my head with his tie I had though he threw.

"Oh Jeff look at you all flushed and ready for me to take you."

"Jus-t sh-ut up." I stuttered

Slenderman then grabbed my already erect cock and began to stroke it slowly.

"Stop that!" I begged

"Oh Jeff you really don't want me to."

He then put three tentacles near my mouth.

"Suck." he commanded