It has been a week since I saw Aislinn and Kyle kissing. Aislinn and I have become good friends. We always hang out around her house.

She never came to my house. And I hope she never does. I mean you should look at my house. It's a small stinky apartment littered with beer bottles and cigarette butts. I seriously need a job.

I propped myself on the couch and continued sipping on my beer. I felt a vibration on my butt and jumped up. I brought out my phone from my back pocket and answered the phone. 

"Hello Niall?" I heard Aislinn's melodic voice flooding my ears.

"Yeah," i replied.

"Can you come over to my house?" Aislinn said and i heard a sob comign from the other line.

"Are you okay?" i asked.

"Yes, I am, just please come over!" Aislinn said.

She hung up. I grabbed my jacket and sprinted towards her house. It took me 15 minutes. I ran non-stop.

As I saw the gates, i ran faster. I don't think that's possible though. The guard saw me, and opened the gates. I ran to the front door and threw the door open. 

I flew up the stairs and inside Aislinn's room. She was curled into a ball, sobbing on the floor. I ran to her and held her. I stroked her hair as she sobbed in my chest.

"Shhs, Ais, it's okay."

She sniffed a bit, "Did you just call me Ais?"

"Yes....." The both of us burst out laughing.

 After our laughter died down, we both looked at eachother...

I started leaning in, and so did she. Finally the moment arrived, i got what I wished for..

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