kira...kyouya's little sister(ouran fanfic)

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"hey"kira yelled as her fans from class 1-a waved at her from the window

"mnice to see your back mrs.kira-san"a teacher said bowing as kira came closer

"take me to your host club"kira demanded as she looked at the huge school called ouran high school

"yes mam"the teacher said and started walking

"why thank tou mrs.hanitoko"kira said with a smile.this was kirs's first day and she was deturmioned to meet her brother kyouya-senpai. .she grew up with there grandparents and is a rising pop star in america and japan.

"right here"mrs.hanitoko said pointing to a door

"thanks mrs.h"kira yelled at the teacher who was now walking away

kira walked in and was shocked.there were 4 boys and then 1 crossdresser.

"welcome my lovley flow-"tamaki said till he looked at her face.he fainted.

"oh shit not again"kira said bending down to look at the blond boy who was now on the floor with a nose bleed.

"he's ok he does that all teh time"the cross dresser said and stuck hes/her hand out

"are you haruhi"kira said taking the hand 

"yes who are you"haruhi asked when kira stood up

"im kira utanoki"kira said and bowed

"ive herd your name before"a little boy with blond hair and a bunny said walking up to her

"yeah you should im a famous singer,your avery cute 15 year old" kira said to the little bot who was now froze with schock

"i knew you were her"tamaki said as her jumped up to give kira a hug.kira dogged it and tamaki laanded on the floor.

"tamaki touve meet me before so i dont know why your acting like this"kira said as she doged more of tamakis hugs

"so your a pop star...dont look like one in fact you look like your poor"a bot with red hair said looking at kira up and down

"yeah and you dont look like a twin but you are"kira said looking the boy up and down

"im hikaru and hes kaoru and were identical so yes i do look like a twin"hikaru said geting in kiras face

"no your quite diffrent in afraid"kira said and handed hikaru a mirrior.he and his brother looked intto the mirrior and then looked confused

"you have a ZIT  on your nose and kaoru dosent"kira said pointiing out the red dot on hikarus face.

"hahahahhahhahaha"honey said pointing at hikarus face

"im looking for kyouya"kira said looking around the place inpatiently

"hey dont ignore me"hikaru said but kira did anyway

"why"haruhi asked

"HEY"hikaru yelled as his face turned red

"im his little sister we are twins and got seperated at bith and i want to meet him"kira said in a loud voice

"his little sister"everyone but mori-senpai said


"ive been sitting here forever with this ass and it annoying"kira said and then pointed to hikaru who was sitting next to her

"i hate you so much"hikaru yelled at kira who plugged her ears

"lalalalalal....i cant here you"kira said and then laughed as hikaru yelled even louder

"how is she your sister kyouya-senpia"kaoru asked looking at how his brother and kira were acting like 4 year olds

"well she is...i asked my father and he said it was true but she was never suppodes to come here and definatly not meet me"kyouya said as he looked at kira and smiled, she looked just like him long black ahir and black eyes.her skin was white but her attitude was totally diffrent she was loud and free spirited and she was always smiling

"well she does look like you senpai but she dosent act like it"haruhi said as she looked at kira smile at hikaru who was getting made

"yeah im gonna go talk to her"tamaki said and started to walk over to kira when kyouya grabbed tamaki by the shirt

"if you try or say anything on her i will let out everything ive known about you since you were 12"kyouya said with a death stare that would send shivers down frankestiens back

"y-yeah"tamaki said with a white face

"hey hikaru you can go im going to stay with this little rose"tamaki said trying to kiss kirs hand but she grabbed hikarus hand and put it there in stead

"DONT KISS MY HAND"hikaru yelled and pulled his hand away from the blond guy who was now scrubbing his tongue and lips

kira started to over flow with laughter 

"so where do you live"tamaki asked sitting next to kira after he got of the floor.hikaru and the others were listening to.

"in a apartment on the street next to this, i have to live alone cause of all the fan mail i get...grandpa and grandma couldnt handle it so they let me get a place of my own and i had to enrol here"kira said with a sad smile

"oh.."they said.honey came up and sat next to kira

"you wanna hold my bunnny"honey said holding out his pink bunny

"no cause right now with the way im feeling id probablt tear him in half"kira saidd with a giggle when honey hid the bunny under the chair

"well i didnt know that you were the treasure of the host club"kira said and got up

"yeah but lately girls havent be coming much "kyouya said looking at his clip board

"i have an idea"kira said and had haruhi take her to the dressing room.kira dressed in the host club unifrom and put a black beenie on and then came out.she looked like a boy with skater boy hair

"ill be a new addition the hot singer type"kira said and went out to the dry eras borad and wrote kaiechi the newest member of the host club

"there and ill start tmorrow"kira said with a smile

"that would be great"haruhi and honey said togther

"see you later guys"kira said as she left the room to go home

"well this is good more money and girls"hikaru said rubbing his hands togther

"yeah but we all know you like kira"kaoru said as the rest of the club shoke there heads yes

"DO NOT AND YOUR ALL STUPID"hikaru said as he walked out of the room and slammed the door shut.

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